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Brand: A Suitable Wardrobe

As someone who has spent too much of the past year redeveloping a website, I take my hat off to Will, who has accomplished a much more fundamental redesign over at A Suitable Wardrobe – melding the blog with the … > Read more
The remarkable heat in London over the past two weeks has led to a few questions from readers as to the best way to stay cool in tailoring. Here are my top five tips.1 Wear linenLinen is a wonderful cloth: … > Read more
Rather like Maglia, which we discussed earlier in the week, Merola is among the very best makers in its field – in this case, gloves. Both are also based in Rome and have a similarly stellar roster of private-label clients. … > Read more
I recently wrote about my favourite evening combination – blue shirt and grey/silver tie with a navy or charcoal suit. This is a rather more dressy combination for formal events and dinners, making use of a waistcoat more usually worn … > Read more
Trousers are easier to tailor than a jacket. They’re not straightforward, as everyone’s waist to seat ratio varies, but the problems are at least largely in two dimensions. Because trousers are simpler, you can spend less money on them. You … > Read more
  Several months ago I undertook a project on Permanent Style to find the best underwear in the world, in terms of both quality and style. I interviewed Zimmerli, The White Briefs, Sunspel and Hanro, and tested out their product … > Read more
Edward Green Pimlico, unlinedHi Simon,I have been searching the internet but not really found anything thatreally helps, unless I have been asking Google the wrong questions.Anyway, with the weather finally being that of the south of France, going to work … > Read more
If you’re anything like me, Christmas shopping begins in earnest this week. Just long enough ahead to get everything done, but little enough time to inject a little panic into the process. Here are a few suggestions from a few … > Read more
I love my Tod’s driving shoes. For two years now I have worn them every evening when I return from work and they’ve only improved with age. This has been considerably helped by the fact that I don’t wear them … > Read more
I wrote almost a year ago how impressed I was with Will at A Suitable Wardrobe setting up a store, to sell his taste and knowledge of European manufacturers to the blog’s readership. Since then the store has grown and … > Read more
It was a pleasure having dinner with Will of A Suitable Wardrobe in San Francisco last week, if only for the wonderful food at Kokkari and Eleni, our lovely waitress. But perhaps most sartorially significant was that I picked up … > Read more
I admire people that put their money where their mouth is. Becoming an entrepreneur, setting up on one’s own, trying to make money selling your taste to the world. It’s ballsy. Writing a blog doesn’t risk anything, other than exposing … > Read more
A seven-fold tie doesn’t necessarily have seven folds anymore. That isn’t because of corporate marketing and shortcuts (though the ‘VII fold’ from a certain manufacturer might qualify for that description). Rather, different ways of counting folds have become confused. And … > Read more
I was honoured to be compared to A Suitable Wardrobe on a recent thread at Style Forum. Thank you for the kind words posted there. I can only say I hope to some day have the breadth of knowledge, experience … > Read more
The second part of an interview with Olly Watkins, adventurer on the choppy seas of style. (First part here.) What’s your favourite accessory right now?It’s a toss up between the shoes I am wearing, a new pair of brown Derbys … > Read more
A waistcoat is a practical piece of clothing. It keeps the trunk of your body warm, leaves your arms free and pins your tie in place. A waistcoat is also stylish. It allows for the possibility of different colours underneath … > Read more
The length of your shirt sleeves is important. At the correct length, they display the slightest strip of linen peeking out at the bottom of your suit sleeves, defining the colours and the shape of each. It is a key … > Read more