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Brand: A Suit That Fits

I don’t often write negative things about brands. There are so many great things to write about, and I generally prefer to simply not cover them than write something negative. Perhaps, as Spanish readers suggested at a seminar in Madrid … > Read more
    Dear Simon, I’ve been reading Permanent Style for many years now, but recently went scurrying back through older posts for advice. Having decided I should go straight to the source, I write to you today. In the last … > Read more
The second part of an interview with Olly Watkins, adventurer on the choppy seas of style. (First part here.) What’s your favourite accessory right now?It’s a toss up between the shoes I am wearing, a new pair of brown Derbys … > Read more
My colleague Olly Watkins has become more and more interested in traditional menswear and permanent style in recent years. His journey, and the lessons he has learnt along the way, provide interesting perspective for new devotees to permanent style.Simon: When … > Read more
Thientai: I live in London and never have a chance to get a proper suit. With a tight budget, I can’t afford bespoke, but am quite interested in made-to-measure etc. The other choice is of course, off the peg. So … > Read more
When you collect your new suit from A Suit That Fits, five to six weeks after the fitting, the staff suggests a thorough examination of the fit. But I have always found that impossible to know until it has been … > Read more
Readers may appreciate this image of my colleague’s first outing in his tuxedo from A Suit That Fits. As reported previously, the biggest advantage of bespoke for of man of these proportions is that the drop from chest to waist … > Read more
I was a little anxious today, going with my colleague to pick up his suit from A Suit That Fits. Knowing I was going to review the result; knowing that they knew I was going to review the result. Overall, … > Read more
It is always rewarding to get a look behind the scenes of a company. Nothing beats it for an insight into the philosophy, working practices and dedication to detail present in the production process. I was fortunate enough to peek … > Read more