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Brand: Al Bazar

  Milan is the centre of the men’s fashion industry, yet as far as style is concerned, there are surprisingly few shops worth visiting.Via Montenapoleone, Via Della Spiga and the roads that run between them are all pleasant places to stroll. But … > Read more
I’ve known Lino Ieluzzi, the proprietor of Al Bazar in Milan, for a few years now and always admired his style. I wouldn’t wear it; I wouldn’t recommend it; but it is unique, personal and consistent. The worst thing about … > Read more
It’s depressing to see what men wear on hot days. Baggy shorts, ill-fitting polo shirts and logo-plastered T-shirts. But then it’s also hard to find smart, tailored clothes suitable for high temperatures. One often overlooked option is a long-sleeved polo … > Read more
Al Bazar is not Milan style; but it is a standout destination for classic menswear in Milan. Milanese residents get frustrated at times that Al Bazar is the most famous menswear shop for foreign fans of classic tailoring. Its unique … > Read more
As anyone who has been fortunate enough to visit Milan will tell you, the city is not all fashion. There are several old and new stores worth the visit for those interested in classic menswear. By reputation, the city’s three … > Read more