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Brand: Alan Flusser

Below is a list of my favourite books on menswear, just in time for Christmas, in rough order. There are some noble exclusions, including Eric Musgrave, Bernard Roetzel and Nicholas Storey, but my aim was to list the 10 books … > Read more
Talking to Alan Flusser in New York recently got me thinking about all the old colour combinations he describes in Dressing the Man. And the leaflets he had scattered about the shop expanded on a few of those – in … > Read more
Today is the launch party for Eric Musgrave’s new book, Sharp Suits. It’s being held at Richard James’s premises on Savile Row – the proprietor also lending an introduction to the book.Sharp Suits itself is a very welcome addition to … > Read more
On more than one occasion in the past, I have been accused of being pretentious in the way I dress. Presumably, that means those people think I was pretending to be something I was not.Sometimes, whether accused of it or … > Read more