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Brand: Alden

  New York is a strange town for menswear. It’s a bit of a Wild West, without the same traditions of Europe and with bespoke largely undermined by visitors from Savile Row. If there is a tradition, it is for value: … > Read more
  As with many reader questions, this one evolved over several email messages back and forth. I know Joel won’t mind if I restructure that exchange into a conversation, in order to put the inquiries in the right order. And add … > Read more
This column in Japanese magazine Free & Easy is the result of the photo shoot I posted about before Christmas. I have no idea what the Japanese text says, but hopefully it faithfully reports my opinions on shoes and shoe … > Read more
I contributed a fairly practical piece on buying good shoes to newspaper City AM a few weeks ago. Interested readers can find it here.
In New York this week, and I popped in to see my good friend Steven Taffel, founder of Leffot – far and away the best shoe store in the city. In fact probably anywhere in the US outside Hawaii (the … > Read more
Leffot, the shoe store I described as “a gem in New York” almost a year ago now, is going from strength to strength.Back then it had only been open a month and was still finding its feet. Now it is … > Read more