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Brand: Brooks Brothers

Despite the size of its shop front, it is easy to miss Berk in the Burlington Arcade. Yet at one point Berk owned 10 different stores in the Arcade: one sold just Burberry raincoats; another specialised in Italian cashmere. The … > Read more
Talking to Alan Flusser in New York recently got me thinking about all the old colour combinations he describes in Dressing the Man. And the leaflets he had scattered about the shop expanded on a few of those – in … > Read more
Men wear fewer suits today, as we all know. But they retain the need for a jacket, if only to appear smart or professional. Two of my friends, a doctor and a teacher, are particular examples. Their jobs do not … > Read more
Every time I read a book on men’s style, I underline facts I don’t know. Over the past few years, the number of underlinings in my books (and magazines) has got mercifully less. Fewer defaced volumes on the shelf. But … > Read more