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Brand: Cleverley

  A round-up of different notices today – three separate posts seems like overkill. First, I had the pleasure of putting together Mr Porter’s lead journal story last week – featuring some of our favourite craftsmen in London. We gathered together (above, left … > Read more
  Cleverley’s sale of sample bespoke shoes was my first introduction to them – way back in 2009.There have been precious few such sales since, but there will be another on Thursday November 19th, for one day only – 9am to 7pm.It’s two … > Read more
  A couple of readers commented on the collar of my Anderson & Sheppard suit in our recent video, ‘How to look after your suit’. A&S have always cut a particularly thick collar (1.75 inches at the back for me), and John … > Read more
  It was lovely to see so many people on Wednesday night at our launch party for The Finest Menswear in the World. Nearly everyone made it, despite the torrential rain, the taxi strikes and the underground closures. Cleverley and Anderson & Sheppard did a … > Read more
  I’ve had quite a few requests by readers over the past year for city guides, so this is the first in a series. In London, there are so many options that it makes sense to group some together. Also, if I … > Read more
 Finally, wonderfully, the book on luxury craft I began writing three years ago is coming out: The Finest Menswear in the World.It will be published by Thames & Hudson on September 14th. A hardcover, coffee-table book of some 200-odd pages, … > Read more
  Laces are to a shoe what buttons are to a jacket. Often ignored, but with a disproportionate important effect on the overall look. The most attractive buttons, for me, are always matte horn with a touch of contrast in their colouring. … > Read more
 Everything seems to be happening at once at the moment. Next week the Permanent Style magazines should be here, which is probably the most exciting thing. On Monday we held our first Gathering dinner, which everyone seemed to really enjoy. And … > Read more
 Well, you asked for more pictures… First, the speakers.     
 Projects begun long-ago all seem to be rushing the finishing line at the same time. First it was the pea coat, and now these much-anticipated reindeer monks from Cleverley.Lovers of bespoke shoes will be familiar with the Russian reindeer story … > Read more
 Kingsman: The Secret Service launches in the UK in February. There are several nice things about this. Sections of it are set in Huntsman, on Savile Row. The clothing is all supplied by British brands (and nearly all made in … > Read more
 Readers will be familiar with the points about Cleverley and Russian reindeer in the above, but there is some nice footage of the closing on Cleverleys, and the technique of making a wood-framed box. The Robert Simpson factory is one of only a … > Read more
 A reader recently asked for my advice on bespoke shoemakers, making me realise I hadn’t done an equivalent to ‘The tailors I have known’ for shoes. This is the first part of the response to his question, summarising experiences so … > Read more
 I do like it when readers suggest posts. You feel you’re fulfilling a need. Two weeks ago, on Five Tips on Bespoke Suits, a reader requested a similar post on bespoke shoes, so here it is.1 Be conservativeI know it’s … > Read more
My most recent column for How to Spend It magazine – the luxury supplement of the Financial Times – was on your friend and mine, Mr George Glasgow Jr. The name dropping was relentless, but then you can hardly expect … > Read more
Since I wrote a post at the beginning of the month urging readers to comment and ask questions on Permanent Style, quite a few have asked about different ready-to-wear and made-to-measure brands. I’d like to explain how to compare RTW, … > Read more
While meeting the impossibly nice Xavier Aubercy last week, we got talking about the archive of shoes owned by Arturo Lopez, a friend and customer of Xavier’s grandfather Andre Aubercy.  Lopez was a customer of many shoemakers, and his collection … > Read more
I was in Paris last week for a couple of articles, as well as visiting the usual suspects.  Here in a green raincoat from Hermes with brown leather collar detail. Because green is the third colour.  Traveller trilby from Lock … > Read more
A reader asked what I was wearing at the dinner of Parisian Gentlemen last week. Fortunately, a profile photo was taken that day at the intellectual property conference I was speaking at – the reason I was in Paris in … > Read more
Cleverley is having a last-minute sale on Wednesday, selling off bespoke shoes that weren’t picked up, were made in the wrong colour or for whatever other reason (other than quality) were never sold.  There are 25 models available, in a … > Read more
Having tried so many tailors and shoemakers, I am often asked to compare them. With bespoke shoes, the most common question is which maker achieved the best fit. However, the fit often doesn’t vary that much, and most importantly (perhaps … > Read more
Men in California don’t have the greatest reputation for their dress sense, so it’s nice to see some British actors improving the average. Daniel Radcliffe’s jacket may be a little short and Jason Statham’s feet a little chunky, but they … > Read more
The first, rather informal meeting of our industry cycling group. (Someone, please, suggest a club name with a decent pun in it.) Fifty-odd miles around the hills of Kent. From left: Hercules and Chris, Edward Green; me; Andy Murphy, Cleverley; … > Read more
Last week John Carnera at Cleverley’s had a pair of his shoes, dating back to 1987, in for a resole. John doesn’t work full time any more, but still helps out with a bit of the pattern cutting and repairs. … > Read more
Last week I was profiled in a video series for Harrod’s, giving insights into the construction of Kiton and Tom Ford suits, among others. It should be available in a couple of weeks, coinciding with the launch of a new … > Read more
I love my brown Cleverleys – the first bespoke shoes I owned – but I’ve never been that happy with the colour. Cleverley are good at many things, but patination is not one of them. George Jr has looked at … > Read more
I wrote last week about Lee Miller, one of the best bespoke cowboy-boot makers in the US. Other than the man himself, my prime interest in talking to Lee was the similarities with bespoke dress shoes. The process, I learnt, … > Read more
This column in Japanese magazine Free & Easy is the result of the photo shoot I posted about before Christmas. I have no idea what the Japanese text says, but hopefully it faithfully reports my opinions on shoes and shoe … > Read more
The Spanish version of How to Spend It, Fueria de Serie, interviewed me and did a photo shoot when I visited Jose Maria’s Club Aristocrata last year. The piece came out today.Unless your Spanish is a lot better than mine, … > Read more
‘Tis the time for Christmas parties, and last week was one of the nicest: drinks at Cleverley. Small shop, good whisky, plenty of us spilling out into the Royal Arcade.Video by Mike Saunders
 Photo shoot yesterday for Free and Easy magazine in Japan. They’re doing a special on English shoes, so shots of four pairs of my shoes from four different English shoemakers, and an interview/shoot with me. Photos of that next month … > Read more
Speaking as we have been in recent weeks about what to wear outside of a suit – and indeed what to wear with jeans – I thought it interesting to show this Cleverley client, Jason Statham, wearing bespoke chukka boots … > Read more
In the past few weeks I’ve been talking fairly regularly to George Glasgow Jr, of GJ Cleverley in Los Angeles, for some articles in The Rake. I find it interesting what his Hollywood clients order – given that few of … > Read more
Good English shoes are pretty much always worth the money you pay for them. Three things reminded me of this in recent weeks. One was a friend’s wedding. After years of buying in the low end of the market, he … > Read more
It should have been obvious from my piece back in May on Gaziano & Girling’s new Deco line that I would be very tempted by them, and this is the result a few months later.They are gorgeous shoes, whole-cut Oxfords … > Read more
As ever, this was partly my fault, but the Cleverley bespoke imitation brogues arrived a couple of weeks ago after a long wait. They are imitation, of course, because there is no separate section of leather at the toe cap … > Read more
An autumnal outfit this, commissioned a little too late in the summer and then delayed by various factors so that it was ready just before Christmas. Still, on a clear winter’s day with an overcoat it serves very well and … > Read more
While on the subject of bespoke luggage, Cleverley recently started doing its own pieces with two old guys situated down in its Cornwall workshop. Leather bags were previously made by the Robert Simpson factory that also makes for Tanner Krolle … > Read more
At last, after many rounds of correspondence by email, Hugo and I had a chance to meet at Anderson & Sheppard last week. Hugo was over in London for a couple of days, touring the Savile Row houses for the … > Read more
EB Meyrowitz always used to sparkle from across the Royal Arcade, as I sat in Cleverley’s chatting to George or Teemu. The serried rows of horn and acetate frames, all in beautiful brown variations, watched by a little jazz band … > Read more
It’s time for US tours again. Doesn’t time fly?The full dates for two makers – Cleverley and Alfred Sargent Handgrade – can be seen on their sites at those links. And pictured we have some new styles from Sargents, awaiting … > Read more
Despite the welcome growth of the dark brown shoe as a business staple, every man should own a very nice pair of black Oxfords. They are worn to the formal events, to the big meetings and to meet people whose … > Read more
Well, I was wrong. Six months ago I made the point, following the collection of my first pair of shoes from Cleverley, that the benefits of bespoke shoes were more about comfort than aesthetics; in contrast with a bespoke suit, … > Read more
A few bits and pieces from the past fortnight that deserve highlighting for shoe enthusiasts. Cleverley is introducing a limited edition Burgundy Calf Churchill shoe – the model first released as a separate limited edition last October – to raise … > Read more
Some lovely new styles here from Cleverley – a midnight blue bespoke model, featuring burgundy laces and a burgundy layer of leather underneath the upper, so you can see the colour through the perforations. The lining is in burgundy too.And … > Read more
Well, there aren’t any pictures available from last night’s MTBA annual dinner. Or at least none I could convince anyone to hand over. But readers would have been more impressed at the standard of dress than at the summer ball, … > Read more
Nice video here from Cleverley. Customers or London residents will doubtless have seen and heard it all before, but for those that haven’t it’s a nice upgrade on my photography.Also, it’s worth noting that Cleverley will be touring Asia in … > Read more
Ed, London: I just bought a pair of boots and was considering putting rubber soles on top of the leather ones, to make them harder wearing and more suited to the rain and the snow. Is this a good idea?Pearse, … > Read more
  Following a few requests for links to all the posts in the Cleverley bespoke series, here they are listed below. I also thought readers would like to hear George Glasgow’s recommendations on wearing bespoke shoes for the first time. … > Read more
Finally, the last stage of my George Cleverley shoes. This is the finishing, which involves waxing the edges, sealing the sole and polishing the upper. The edges of the sole are stained in a similar colour to the upper – … > Read more