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Brand: Drake’s

  Drake’s will always be best known for their ties, then handkerchiefs, then perhaps knitwear. But for the past few years they have also been doing a nice little range of jackets in the Clifford Street store that deserve attention. (£895-£995)When … > Read more
  A discussion in front of an audience cannot be long. Particularly when most of them are standing. An hour – max – minus 10 minutes or so for questions. So we had 50 minutes for the talk at our Accessories … > Read more
  A capsule collection has many uses. When you travel for long periods, for example, you want a small but versatile collection of clothes that has a large number of permutations, and suits different occasions. And if you commute by bike … > Read more
  Last year I did a Christmas list around this time, collecting together some of my favourite things offered by the advertisers on Permanent Style. We don’t do much to shout about these brands that fund everything on PS, so I … > Read more
  A round-up of different notices today – three separate posts seems like overkill. First, I had the pleasure of putting together Mr Porter’s lead journal story last week – featuring some of our favourite craftsmen in London. We gathered together (above, left … > Read more
  A couple of readers commented on the collar of my Anderson & Sheppard suit in our recent video, ‘How to look after your suit’. A&S have always cut a particularly thick collar (1.75 inches at the back for me), and John … > Read more
  Readers often ask for ‘capsule collections’ of types of clothes – shoes, suits, ties etc.There are many reasons such a list is useful. It can point to the ‘essentials’: those things that provide the foundation of a wardrobe. It can … > Read more
  If there is one question men ask more than any other, it is how to wear a jacket with jeans.Behind this usually lies a desire to dress up an outfit without appearing too up-tight.Friends in the creative or digital industries … > Read more
  It was lovely to see so many people on Wednesday night at our launch party for The Finest Menswear in the World. Nearly everyone made it, despite the torrential rain, the taxi strikes and the underground closures. Cleverley and Anderson & Sheppard did a … > Read more
  I’ve had quite a few requests by readers over the past year for city guides, so this is the first in a series. In London, there are so many options that it makes sense to group some together. Also, if I … > Read more
 Finally, wonderfully, the book on luxury craft I began writing three years ago is coming out: The Finest Menswear in the World.It will be published by Thames & Hudson on September 14th. A hardcover, coffee-table book of some 200-odd pages, … > Read more
  A reader asked earlier in the week when the Drake’s factory sale was. The answer is, Thursday! The sale is being held at the Haberdasher Street location, from Thursday to Saturday. Opens at 10am Thursday. Also featuring Mackintosh. See you there…
 Everything seems to be happening at once at the moment. Next week the Permanent Style magazines should be here, which is probably the most exciting thing. On Monday we held our first Gathering dinner, which everyone seemed to really enjoy. And … > Read more
 The most useful articles of clothing are often those that cover core of the body – waistcoats (knitted or woven), gilets, and to an extent scarves. It is they that make a lightweight outfit warm enough, or enable us to cope … > Read more
 Kingsman: The Secret Service launches in the UK in February. There are several nice things about this. Sections of it are set in Huntsman, on Savile Row. The clothing is all supplied by British brands (and nearly all made in … > Read more
 At this time of year I normally do a list of Christmas gift suggestions. Apparently last year a reader took the initiative and left a print-out of the list sitting on a coffee table at home. It did the trick – a couple … > Read more
 If you don’t own a shawl-collar cardigan, it’s the one sweater you should invest in this winter.No other knitwear is more versatile: its collar makes it the only style that works with T-shirts, shirts or polos, for everyone. Some men … > Read more
Several readers commented in last week’s post on trousers that they would appreciate something similar on cardigans in such outfits. So here we go.  I will largely be talking about sleeveless cardigans (although given we will assume they are being … > Read more
A reader asked what I was wearing at the dinner of Parisian Gentlemen last week. Fortunately, a profile photo was taken that day at the intellectual property conference I was speaking at – the reason I was in Paris in … > Read more
Those of you with long memories will have fond recollections of the annual scrum that was the Drake’s Christmas sale at the old factory. After a brief stay at the Music Rooms, the sale is now being held at the … > Read more
For those that were interested in the Chittleborough & Morgan suit I wrote about last week, here are some more images. The photography was done by new online luxury magazine Essence, for whom I wrote a short piece on Anderson … > Read more
One of the nice things about having nice advertisers is the range of Christmas shopping ideas they present. Here are my favourites. Among the best additions to the collection at Drake’s are the untipped cashmeres in various shades of grey. … > Read more
  – NOW SOLD OUT –    The Permament Style club tie, our collaboration with Drake’s, has almost sold out, with just four available worldwide. The Drake’s store and website has sold out, Leffot in New York has two remaining … > Read more
Cotton gabardine is probably the best suit material for men who don’t like suits. It is soft and casual, shaping to the body in the way cotton will, but not bagging like corduroy or wrinkling like linen. It also ages … > Read more
  – NOW SOLD OUT –    There are only around 15 of the Permanent Style club tiesleft, in case anyone missed last week’s post and wants to snap one up now. They are still available at Drake’s, online and … > Read more
  – NOW SOLD OUT –    The Permanent Style club tie is now available to buy on the Drake’s website. The ties are strictly limited to 100 numbered editions and the first 10 will be on sale tonight at … > Read more
The something special is our next collaboration: the Permanent Style club tie. Made by Drake’s at their new facilities on Haberdasher Street (I know, right?), the tie is a navy twill with the Permanent Style paisley woven into the front blade. … > Read more
Last week I was profiled in a video series for Harrod’s, giving insights into the construction of Kiton and Tom Ford suits, among others. It should be available in a couple of weeks, coinciding with the launch of a new … > Read more
Dear Simon,Ties and their lengths are causing me some problems.
I have bought several ties recently, all from Drake’s, but realise that they are slightly too long. Being 5’6’’ I know I am not the tallest of peopl but then, many … > Read more
Someone pointed out recently that some Permanent Style collaborations – with La Portegna, for example, or Passaggio Cravatte – have ended without any news as to how they went or the product was received.   Both of those sold out, … > Read more
I recently had my first opportunity to chat to Michael Hill about his takeover last month, with Mark Cho, of the Rayner & Sturges shirt factory. Rayner & Sturges is the last independent factory in the UK making quality shirts. … > Read more
Drake’s, Edward Green and Mackintosh are having a sale this week at the new Drake’s factory – 3 Haberdasher Street (wonderfully), N1 6ED. The days and times are: Wednesday, 10am-8pm; Thursday to Saturday, 12pm-7pm. We are promised discounts of up … > Read more
  A quality tie has greater lustre, greater life and, perhaps, lends its wearer a greater sense of authority. But it’s not as easy as just spending more money.Made of silk, wrapped around some kind of lining and sewn up with … > Read more
One of the disconcerting things about the growing popularity of Permanent Style is the regularity with which readers find old posts – usually via search engines – and question me about them. I dislike being called an expert today, whether … > Read more
In January, for the first time in our history, there were over 300,000 visits to the Permanent Style site, doubtless helped by Pitti, The Times and Fuera de Serie.Thank you so much to everyone that visits, reads and contributes to … > Read more
A pop-up sale by two of my favourite brands – Drake’s and Edward Green – is taking place this week, starting yesterday and lasting until Sunday. Up at 12 Needham Road in Notting Hill, there were queues around the block … > Read more
A typical ensemble at Trunk ClothiersDear Simon,My name is David and I have been a fan of your work for quite a while now. As an undergraduate business student at Northeastern University (Boston, MA), I have gradually realised a passion … > Read more
Dear Simon,Having read with great interest all your articles (over many, many hours – I am a late-comer to your site) I have been amassing information. Now that I have actually started to purchase clothes etc, the question I have … > Read more
I am asked fairly regularly to review ties, often produced by new, small companies. Ties are, I suppose, quite easy to sell online and the lower costs of doing so makes them an obvious product to start with. But it … > Read more
There are certain tendencies among stylish men that never make it into the lists of rules. They are not as intuitive or easily explained, perhaps, as covering your waist when wearing black tie or matching your socks to your trousers. … > Read more
Drake’s was founded in 1977 by three ex-Aquascutum employees: Michael Drake (head of menswear design), Jeremy Hull (export sales director) and Isabel Dickson (export sales administration). “It always helps when you found a business to have people that don’t step … > Read more
Printed (50oz royal twill)As more men wear ties to work again, it is important to understand the small but important differences between the textures of ties. This is essentially what drives the formality of a tie, and many men when … > Read more
I always used to describe my style as how the Italians wear English clothes. Talking to Michael Drake recently though, (whose taste and sense of colour I respect immensely) I think the French might be a better reference point. The … > Read more
I love the fact that more men are wearing pocket handkerchiefs. It’s a great avenue for expression and way to wear colour when so many men dispense with a tie. But it is also dangerous. It is unusual, and therefore … > Read more
An autumnal outfit this, commissioned a little too late in the summer and then delayed by various factors so that it was ready just before Christmas. Still, on a clear winter’s day with an overcoat it serves very well and … > Read more
I was recently given a copy of the lovely documentary about Neapolitan tailoring, O Mast, an extract from which can be seen above. For the first time it is now available at the Drake’s store on Clifford Street in London, … > Read more
If you’re anything like me, Christmas shopping begins in earnest this week. Just long enough ahead to get everything done, but little enough time to inject a little panic into the process. Here are a few suggestions from a few … > Read more
Anderson & Sheppard is opening up new premises on Clifford Street. And my, hasn’t there been a fuss. Those that have fussed the most might have done well to remember that A&S used to do ladies’ wear and ready to … > Read more
One of the main reasons that I (and I assume most other men) read blogs is to get inspiration for things to wear. Or to buy in order to wear. I know I should write more posts on the former. … > Read more
One of my favourite colour combinations is pink and green. The pink here is pale, too pale perhaps to be portrayed accurately in the photo, but it provides a subtle field of colour for green to play on.The green tie, … > Read more