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Brand: Duke of Windsor

This is the first post in what will be a series on having a double-breasted suit made at Henry Poole, in Prince of Wales cloth, as in Edward VII, but with the Duke of Windsor’s addition, originally from the Seafield … > Read more
Sober and still not solemn on SundayEsquire, January 1935: “The sobriety of black and white afternoon dress does not necessarily imply the solemnity of the mourner’s bench. Relieving touches that keep you from bending over backward with unwonted dignity are … > Read more
My two-year-old daughter has a book called Cinderella and Other Stories, by Stephen Tucker and Nick Sharratt. Reading it to her yesterday, I noticed that Sharratt (the illustrator) dresses the Big Bad Wolf in a purple suit with yellow windowpane … > Read more
Every time I read a book on men’s style, I underline facts I don’t know. Over the past few years, the number of underlinings in my books (and magazines) has got mercifully less. Fewer defaced volumes on the shelf. But … > Read more
Rule 5: Double-breasted suits add breadth to a man. They should only be worn by those with slim builds. To reiterate the philosophy behind this series: All rules are there for a reason. They become rules because they have practical … > Read more