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Brand: Dunhill

  My third book this year, published by Prestel and in bookstores worldwide, is now available. It is called Best of British: The Stories Behind Britain’s Iconic Brands. The book covers 14 British manufacturers that are over 100 years’ old. From … > Read more
 Finally, wonderfully, the book on luxury craft I began writing three years ago is coming out: The Finest Menswear in the World.It will be published by Thames & Hudson on September 14th. A hardcover, coffee-table book of some 200-odd pages, … > Read more
 One of the advantages of a long-running blog, perhaps, is the ability to look back and see how purchases have performed over time. It’s particularly useful when we emphasise – as we do, day after day – the value of investing in … > Read more
 Martin Nicholls, the cutter at Dunhill in London, has had a fascinating career. Trained at Huntsman under Hammick and Hall, he worked at Gieves and Norton’s, headed up the bespoke department at Harrod’s, and launched Hackett’s bespoke offering on the Row. It’s … > Read more
I was in Paris last week for a couple of articles, as well as visiting the usual suspects.  Here in a green raincoat from Hermes with brown leather collar detail. Because green is the third colour.  Traveller trilby from Lock … > Read more
I’ve received a few odd communications over the years, but this is the first time anyone has drawn a cartoon of me. As a big fan of graphic novels myself, particularly Chris Ware, this was a lovely thing to receive, … > Read more
The growth of men’s bags as a sector is quite incredible. Menswear as a whole has outstripped women’s clothing for a few years now, as we’ve accepted the idea of buying better clothes and wearing them better. But while it … > Read more
Dear Simon,I have been wearing a messenger bag for some time for commuting as it’s a very handy way of containing all the bulk and occasional papers that I have to cart around with me.However, I have worried for some … > Read more
I recently had my first opportunity to chat to Michael Hill about his takeover last month, with Mark Cho, of the Rayner & Sturges shirt factory. Rayner & Sturges is the last independent factory in the UK making quality shirts. … > Read more
Hi Simon,I’ve been following Permanent Style for a while now, as well as investing significantly more of my time trying to learn more about menswear.As my style has evolved and I find myself wearing a blazer or sportcoat more often, … > Read more
  Leather bags are unique among men’s accessories. A good one will last a lifetime and, if treated well, look better at the end than the beginning of your life together. Only leather has this attribute, gaining an individual patina from … > Read more
One more photo from Pitti Uomo this week. Trying to use a shawl (Loro Piana) and hat (Lock) to keep off the rain. Above from Tommy Ton, below from JCR
It’s Pitti time again, and there’s the usual mix of the well-dressed and the overdressed.I’ll leave it up to you to decide which camp I fall into.One thing’s for certain, there are more photographers than ever this year.On me: double-breasted … > Read more
I completely understand that the amount of money spent on handmade accessories can seem extravagant. Several people made comments along those lines regarding my Alfred Dunhill glasses case a few months ago. But if you have pursued a policy of … > Read more
In Paris this week visiting all the big tailors, interviewing Jean Grimbert of Arnys and looking at slightly odd watch straps. Look out for posts over the next few weeks.Below, my Wilfrids from Pierre Corthay (slightly dusty from the Tuileries … > Read more
Hype iPad cover, £150 There is a surprising lack of good, mid-market leather products and bags out there. By mid-market I mean those stitched by machine rather than by hand (which adds considerably to the price) but otherwise using the … > Read more
This is the end result of a project to make the perfect glasses case, which began back in November last year when Tomasz Nosarzewski at Dunhill told me about the bespoke work he had begun doing at Bourdon House in … > Read more
Just over a year ago, Dunhill began offering bespoke leather services at Bourdon House in London. Tomasz Nosarzewski, whom readers might remember from my visit to the Walthamstow Dunhill factory last year, began spending every Thursday at Bourdon House in … > Read more
Men wear fewer suits today, as we all know. But they retain the need for a jacket, if only to appear smart or professional. Two of my friends, a doctor and a teacher, are particular examples. Their jobs do not … > Read more
Of course, this isn’t exactly Tanner Krolle‘s factory. The original TK operation was on Mildmay Avenue in Islington, but was sold to Dunhill in the nineties and then knocked down. Dunhill moved its operations to Walthamstow (see previous Permanent Style … > Read more
 There’s no getting away from it, this is a dinky man-bag. It’s made from stiffened vegetable-tanned leather, and so has a rigid and natural appearance, but it is still a small bag for me to put things in. Technically, it … > Read more
The addiction to lovely leathers continues. Consistent readers will have seen previous posts on the construction details at Bown, Alfred Dunhill’s north-London workshop and the oak-tanned bags at Bill Amberg. Other non-bag favourites include a thick winter jacket from Loro … > Read more
There’s nothing like a factory you can get to on the Tube. So much less train time involved.The Alfred Dunhill leather factory and pipe workshop are up in Walthamstow; though it could be in Northampton for all the difference it … > Read more
It probably wasn’t hard to feel the excitement behind the words of my last post on Bicester Village. One friend’s favourite-ever quote from this blog says it all: “I am at heart a cheap man.” (From a post last year … > Read more
I am a sucker for a good deal. Indeed, if one were being unkind it could be said that sometimes being a bargain gets in the way of my actually wanting something. Anywhere north of 80% off and I start … > Read more