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Brand: Edward Green

  The new Edward Green website launched last week, and it’s very impressive.Unusually for the fashion industry, the site is both attractive and highly functional. The photography and colour palette are lovely, but it also has useful things like ‘My collection‘ that … > Read more
  The Edward Green pop-up sale is always a popular one – in fact a reader asked me last week when it was going to be on. I can’t reveal the dates until they are public unfortunately, but they now are. The … > Read more
  Last month we had a book launch at the Brio menswear store in Beijing. It’s worth running through a few more details of the shop – because the stock is interesting, and because it is part of a pleasing trend in more … > Read more
  It’s been so long since I experienced bespoke clothing for the first time, or indeed most of the luxury, craft-based things I write about, that I find it interesting when friends do so for the first time.Each finds pleasure, … > Read more
 Following a request on last week’s Finagon post – the cardigan we created with John Smedley – here are some details on the rest of the outfit, above.One reader drew attention to the shirt collar, a button-down made by Satriano … > Read more
 Every year Edward Green does some kind of last-minute sale. In fact, just two weeks ago a reader asked when and where the next one would be. Well, it starts today – at the Old Truman Brewery just off Brick Lane.The … > Read more
About four years ago I did a series of visits to Edward Green, which were reproduced in The Rake and in the How Great Things Age series here on the blog. One of my favourite people I met in that … > Read more
Dear Simon, In a couple of months time I will be 21. This is clearly an important time in one’s life, in my case particularly as I will also be undertaking the purchase of my first bespoke suit. As a … > Read more
Hi Simon,  Today’s soggy London weather has reminded me of a conundrum I’ve been stuck on for a while: what sort of shoes do you wear on a rainy day if you still want to look smart?  I don’t want … > Read more
A few of the pictures of me from Pitti this year. Above, in brown tweed Caliendo jacket (more on that in a couple of weeks), Anderson & Sheppard flannels and Ralph Lauren madder-like orange handkerchief.  Tweed such as this goes … > Read more
I’ve received a few odd communications over the years, but this is the first time anyone has drawn a cartoon of me. As a big fan of graphic novels myself, particularly Chris Ware, this was a lovely thing to receive, … > Read more
An archive-trawling reader recently reminded me that back in November 2011 I wrote about my new Edward Green Top Drawer boots, concluding that perhaps it would be best to wait two years and then see how the boots had worn. … > Read more
[NOTE: Luca Avitabile, the cutter for men’s shirts at Satriano Cinque above, has split from the company and set up on his own. I recommend contacting him for any inquiries, at]One of the nice things about having clothes made is … > Read more
The first, rather informal meeting of our industry cycling group. (Someone, please, suggest a club name with a decent pun in it.) Fifty-odd miles around the hills of Kent. From left: Hercules and Chris, Edward Green; me; Andy Murphy, Cleverley; … > Read more
  “If you want to know if a guy is well dressed, look down.” So said US columnist George Frazier back in the 1950s, and his words have never been more true. Men who spend too little on their shoes end … > Read more
Last week I was in Northampton visiting a few of the shoemakers, particularly Crockett & Jones and the new Gaziano & Girling factory. I have never owned any Crockett & Jones shoes. But I have heard so many great things … > Read more
Drake’s, Edward Green and Mackintosh are having a sale this week at the new Drake’s factory – 3 Haberdasher Street (wonderfully), N1 6ED. The days and times are: Wednesday, 10am-8pm; Thursday to Saturday, 12pm-7pm. We are promised discounts of up … > Read more
This column in Japanese magazine Free & Easy is the result of the photo shoot I posted about before Christmas. I have no idea what the Japanese text says, but hopefully it faithfully reports my opinions on shoes and shoe … > Read more
It’s Pitti time again, and there’s the usual mix of the well-dressed and the overdressed.I’ll leave it up to you to decide which camp I fall into.One thing’s for certain, there are more photographers than ever this year.On me: double-breasted … > Read more
This is a shot from a feature coming up in The Rake next year – on the VIP painting service at Louis Vuitton.I love my Alzer case. Hard-sided cases are one of the few things made by hand by Vuitton, … > Read more
 Photo shoot yesterday for Free and Easy magazine in Japan. They’re doing a special on English shoes, so shots of four pairs of my shoes from four different English shoemakers, and an interview/shoot with me. Photos of that next month … > Read more
In Naples last week for the Rubinacci new-store party, staying in Casa Rubinacci. Expect plenty of Naples-related posts. Below, my second-oldest pair of shoes, Edward Green Malverns.
A pop-up sale by two of my favourite brands – Drake’s and Edward Green – is taking place this week, starting yesterday and lasting until Sunday. Up at 12 Needham Road in Notting Hill, there were queues around the block … > Read more
A typical ensemble at Trunk ClothiersDear Simon,My name is David and I have been a fan of your work for quite a while now. As an undergraduate business student at Northeastern University (Boston, MA), I have gradually realised a passion … > Read more
Edward Green Pimlico, unlinedHi Simon,I have been searching the internet but not really found anything thatreally helps, unless I have been asking Google the wrong questions.Anyway, with the weather finally being that of the south of France, going to work … > Read more
My first visit in New York was, naturally, to the shoe store Leffot. When I was in New York four years ago, I stumbled across Steven Taffel’s new shop the month it opened. At that point you couldn’t get half … > Read more
Edward Green WeymouthThose that feel bound to wear black lace-ups during the week all too often react with scruffy old trainers at the week end. They say they’re more comfortable. They say it helps them relax. In my experience, it … > Read more
Good English shoes are pretty much always worth the money you pay for them. Three things reminded me of this in recent weeks. One was a friend’s wedding. After years of buying in the low end of the market, he … > Read more
I ordered my first pair of Top Drawer boots from Edward Green back in January and they arrived in May, which is a little better than average for made-to-order shoes from the Northampton makers in my experience. I ordered Compton … > Read more
I contributed a fairly practical piece on buying good shoes to newspaper City AM a few weeks ago. Interested readers can find it here.
  You could never refer to yourself as a style icon. But if someone else gives you the title, it’s alright to pass it on, right? Seriously, I was highly flattered to be asked to appear in the latest issue … > Read more
Without a tie, men lose the biggest opportunity to express themselves easily in colour and pattern. But I don’t like wearing a tie every day either. The key if you’re not going to wear a tie is to add accents … > Read more
It’s time for US tours again. Doesn’t time fly?The full dates for two makers – Cleverley and Alfred Sargent Handgrade – can be seen on their sites at those links. And pictured we have some new styles from Sargents, awaiting … > Read more
Fudging is the addition of ridges to the welt of the shoe (that little strip you can see running around the outside of your nice Oxfords). Shoe makers and manufacturers have fudging wheels, which imprint ridges along the edge.On most … > Read more
The tips on looking good in a pair of shoes are simpler, in a way, than those for suits. They come down to two things: spend as much money as you can afford, because you are buying value and longevity; … > Read more
At a party last week a nice young man asked me what my top five tips would be for wearing suits. It sounded like a nice practical question, so here we go:1. Have a ready-to-wear suit alteredMost men that buy … > Read more
A few bits and pieces from the past fortnight that deserve highlighting for shoe enthusiasts. Cleverley is introducing a limited edition Burgundy Calf Churchill shoe – the model first released as a separate limited edition last October – to raise … > Read more
Christmas seems an appropriate time to discuss materialism.It is fashionable to characterise any attachment to material possessions as shallow. Any man interested in clothes knows the feeling of being considered superficial or – perhaps more revealingly – the fear of … > Read more
A little Christmas treat for you here, a sneak peek at the Deco line from Gaziano & Girling that will come out next year. The shots, taken exclusively by Andy for Permanent Style, are of the first finished model, a … > Read more
Ed, London: I just bought a pair of boots and was considering putting rubber soles on top of the leather ones, to make them harder wearing and more suited to the rain and the snow. Is this a good idea?Pearse, … > Read more
 There’s no getting away from it, this is a dinky man-bag. It’s made from stiffened vegetable-tanned leather, and so has a rigid and natural appearance, but it is still a small bag for me to put things in. Technically, it … > Read more
Well, my favourite pair of shoes, the Oundles from Edward Green, are back from refurbishment and looking pretty darn good. As requested, here are a few pictures of them in their new, refreshed state. The upper is unchanged, save for … > Read more
Continuing the Edward Green theme of last week, a recent acquisition of Asquiths had been proving rather uncomfortable so I took them with me to Northampton to get some advice. This resulted in two tips on fitting.First, half brogues can … > Read more
Following on from a previous post on the refurbishment of Edward Green shoes Once just the upper and insole remains, both are tacked together in a couple of places around the toe. Everywhere else on the shoe the two are … > Read more
Following on from my recent post on Globe-Trotter suitcases, this is a look at how my Edward Green Oundles are being refurbished at the company’s factory in Northampton. They were probably my first pair of really good shoes, bought about … > Read more
I was fortunate enough to be able to tour the Edward Green factory in Northampton last week. A new building (as they’ve moved around a few times since leaving what is now the John Lobb factory in the centre of … > Read more
My post just over a week ago on the possibilities of finding cheap bespoke shoes by separately arranging for a personal last and a maker has drawn a lot of comment, both on the sites and privately through email or … > Read more
Entirely handmade shoes are not cheap. The high-end benchmade shoes are hand-clicked and hand-lasted, but not hand-welted. In this country, most of the entirely handmade ones are made bespoke. And that makes them even more expensive, as the shoe is … > Read more
Shoemakers can do a lot to help you decide which size is right for you. They can feel in which places your foot is hard against the edge. They can judge the clearance at the instep by how far the … > Read more