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Brand: Etro

  Milan is the centre of the men’s fashion industry, yet as far as style is concerned, there are surprisingly few shops worth visiting.Via Montenapoleone, Via Della Spiga and the roads that run between them are all pleasant places to stroll. But … > Read more
If men are scared of colour, pattern and real trousers they are terrified of perfume. If they sometimes turn to fashion brands for reassurance in their clothing, they do so constantly with fragrance. It is much-misunderstood and misused. Here is … > Read more
Hello, I’m a new reader of your blog, and I must say I’m enjoying it thoroughly. As I read it, I realised that I had a question I haven’t found a good answer to and it’s been bothering me no end: … > Read more
I spend most of my working day sitting at a desk, typing. The comfort of shirts and size of armholes are therefore important. But I also need silent cufflinks. Most of the time I wear French (or double) cuffs on … > Read more
As anyone who has been fortunate enough to visit Milan will tell you, the city is not all fashion. There are several old and new stores worth the visit for those interested in classic menswear. By reputation, the city’s three … > Read more
The worse the economy, the earlier the sales start. Everyone is that bit more desperate to get their hands on your cash. Before anyone else does. It was the same before Christmas and, despite some positive news on the economic … > Read more
Good tailors for adjustments to suits, trousers and shirts are not always easy to find. There is a raft of pretty poor establishments dotted around London, staffed by dressmakers or general tailors with no specific experience of men’s tailoring.For the … > Read more
Hangers from The Hanger Project ( are nice. Very nice. They are works of art in design and craftsmanship in construction. If I could, all my clothes would hang on these hangers. But that doesn’t mean I’d spend any money … > Read more