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Brand: Globe-Trotter

  UPDATE: Thanks for sales so far. A handful are left, and sales will close September 9th  Our one-piece leather tote bag, made by Globe-Trotter in Hertfordshire, England, is now available to order. This run will be limited to 20 pieces.Dimensions … > Read more
 A few Instagram shots from our party at Globe-Trotter last week, where we presented our Permanent Style 2015 book to readers and many of the brands included. The party was held on the lovely first floor of the Globe-Trotter shop, which … > Read more
    We are holding a launch party for our Permanent Style 2015 book in London – and it would be great to have as many of you there as possible.The event will take place on Thursday June 25 on … > Read more
I was a little sceptical when I heard that Globe-Trotter was expanding into leather goods. It made business sense – lovely as the suitcases are, they are never going to be more than an occasional purchase, and the leather would … > Read more
One of the most interesting things about visiting Globe-Trotter recently was learning how the company has evolved. Like most British brands, although old, its history is a chequered one – which is all the more reason to celebrate its current … > Read more
A Globe-Trotter suitcase is unique in the world because of the baseboard used to form its body. Made of 14 sheets of paper and glue, it is compressed under pressure into a vulcanised material that is lightweight yet extremely sturdy. … > Read more
Some hopefully enlightening and entertaining posts on The Rake, including the French chestnut tanneries of JM Weston (above), the cute patch pockets of Elia Caliendo (below) and the making of a Globe-Trotter suitcase.
Douglas Cordeaux took over the running of weavers Fox Brothers in 2009, along with his friend and Dragon’s Den resident Deborah Meaden. When he moved down to Somerset, despite high expectations, he was blown away by the manufacturing handwork and … > Read more
Usually it’s pretty hard waiting for your favourite things to come back from being repaired. But unlike the Edward Greens I reported on last in this series, my Globe-Trotter suitcase hasn’t really been missed. There were two weekends away in … > Read more
One of the great attractions of buying classic, handmade items is how they age; true investment pieces that last not just more than one season, but more than one generation. However, few articles are written about aging. Understandably, most are … > Read more