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Brand: Harris Tweed

Up in Harris, or rather Lewis, this week at Breanish Tweed. More next week.Photo: Andy Barnham
Cifonelli Parisian tailors tend to be located on the first floor of big mansion blocks. Savile Row tailors are more likely to be on the ground floor of a terraced house, with workrooms underneath. Though certainly a generalisation, this is … > Read more
I’m seriously impressed with this tweed jacket from Cifonelli. The style is nice, with a mix of traditional and original detailing. But having put that together with Lorenzo, it was what I expected. Perhaps more surprising, and certainly more impressive, … > Read more
As you might have sensed in a recent post on Parisian tailors Cifonelli, I was rather taken with Lorenzo’s stylistic details. That led to a commission for a Harris tweed jacket including his slash pockets, five-button front up to the … > Read more
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would soon be announcing an exciting new project. Well, it went live on Friday: Gentleman’s Corner.The site is dedicated to craft in menswear, with much of that looking at shoes but also … > Read more