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Brand: Hemingway Tailors

Hi Simon:Just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful work that you have been doing, it’s really pointed the rest us in the right direction.One thing that I have been rather confused on is how pants should fit for … > Read more
  Following a recent request from a reader, here is a breakdown of all the English tailors I have tried. I include a description of the style and then one of my experiences. All the links are to pictures or more … > Read more
Without a tie, men lose the biggest opportunity to express themselves easily in colour and pattern. But I don’t like wearing a tie every day either. The key if you’re not going to wear a tie is to add accents … > Read more
The time is coming around again to book slots for US fall trips. And the tour by Hemingway Tailors and Harvie & Hudson has dates as follows. Separately, Alfred Sargent is also touring in September, dates below. The Fairmont Hotel, … > Read more
I get a lot of requests for practical advice on suit/shirt/tie combinations, so I’m going to try and drop a few more in regularly over the next few months. This is a shot Andy Barnham took of me recently as … > Read more
There was quite a lot of interest among Permanent Style readers last time Toby Luper was touring North America, so here are his dates for the next trip. Toby will be with shirtmakers Harvie & Hudson and shoemakers Alfred Sargent … > Read more
As I’m sure many of you already know, Lodger was bought by Tony Lutwyche a couple of weeks ago and the name of the company has been changed to Lutwyche & Lodger. Lodger shoes will carry on as is, but … > Read more
 Apologies for the frankly terrible picture of me. I had to take it on my mobile phone – you get a general idea of the fit though. Other pictures show the side buckle and hand-sewn buttonholes.
The last post on this suit was back in March. With both of us being away at various points in the summer, and Toby’s schedule coming down to London from Leeds, we only managed the final fitting in August. As … > Read more
Having met Toby Luper of Hemingway Tailors, I was invited recently to try his bespoke service. Toby is rather cynical about the number of fittings Savile Row tailors insist on, and bet me he could get the fit right in … > Read more
As an Englishman interested in classic style, it strikes as a particular shame that the industrial manufacture of clothes has suffered so much in this country. Leeds used to be world famous for its suit production, for example, a natural … > Read more