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Brand: Norton and Sons

The combination of suit, shirt and tie that a man selects in the morning is certainly not the most important thing about what he wears. That would be the quality and fit of the articles themselves. But picking good combinations … > Read more
Following up on the last post in this series, on Huntsman tweed, this runs through the style of a shooting suit and being measured. The suit shown here is three-button, but I opted for a more classic Huntsman one-button front … > Read more
The proprietor of Norton & Sons gives his thoughts on dressing up and dressing well. What’s the key to a great men’s outfit? The great thing about the way men dress is we have so many bits and pieces we … > Read more
“I’ve had five shirts made by XX on Savile Row, and I’m not currently in possession of any of them. They are all being altered or the sleeves lengthened, some have been there weeks and some months. Every time I … > Read more
The E. Tautz line of handmade, ready-to-wear clothes designed by Norton & Sons is about to go into London stores. In fact, Matches selected its pieces yesterday from the Savile Row shop and their choices will be delivered on Monday. … > Read more
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would soon be announcing an exciting new project. Well, it went live on Friday: Gentleman’s Corner.The site is dedicated to craft in menswear, with much of that looking at shoes but also … > Read more
John, Los Angeles: Many of my colleagues laugh when I tell them I often pick out five days worth of clothes on Sunday evening. But I find that taking the time to select outfits for the week on Sunday and … > Read more
A perennial topic on this site, and indeed other style fora, is how customers interact with their tailors when they have their first suit made. The customer thinks he knows what he wants but he can’t quite express it – … > Read more