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Brand: Peckham Rye

One of the nice things about having nice advertisers is the range of Christmas shopping ideas they present. Here are my favourites. Among the best additions to the collection at Drake’s are the untipped cashmeres in various shades of grey. … > Read more
Hi Simon,I hope you don’t mind me seeking your counsel on the matter of bow ties. Previously, I have been somewhat dismissive of them and, indeed, those that wear them, perhaps. But for whatever reason, this is no longer the … > Read more
A good tie has some form of ‘spring mechanism’ so that, after you have untied it roughly, tugged it out of your collar and hung it up, the mechanism gradually returns it to its natural shape.This is achieved through the … > Read more
Following on from the last, rather popular post on Peckham Rye and Hunter’s founders David Walker and Martin Brighty, here are some more insights from the interview:– When you turn a tie in your hand and it seems to change … > Read more
Martin Brighty and David Walker have been around the tie industry for a long time. They first met at legendary English tie-maker Holliday & Brown 20 years ago, brought in to replace the sales director and admin director at the … > Read more
The men and women at Vanners were kind enough to send me pictures recently of how my bespoke ties were made down in Suffolk. So here they are, with explanatory captions. The three-piece pattern for the tie is laid out … > Read more