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Brand: Penrose

  A quality tie has greater lustre, greater life and, perhaps, lends its wearer a greater sense of authority. But it’s not as easy as just spending more money.Made of silk, wrapped around some kind of lining and sewn up with … > Read more
The decorative instinct of Mitchell Jacobs, one half of the team behind accessories brand Penrose, is something I’ve written about briefly before. But I had a chance recently to delve further into the craft behind the weaving and finishing of … > Read more
Every season, accessories brand Penrose rents a showroom next to Liberty on Great Marlborough Street to show off its new collection. Walk in there, and you get an invigorating shock to the senses. So much fresh, vibrant colour in that … > Read more
Some serious colour matching going on here, and whatever your tastes with the shoes and scarf, mid-grey does look great with purple. The gentleman pictured here and captured last week by our roving photographer is Michael Whitby-Grubb, who is launching … > Read more