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  My third book this year, published by Prestel and in bookstores worldwide, is now available. It is called Best of British: The Stories Behind Britain’s Iconic Brands. The book covers 14 British manufacturers that are over 100 years’ old. From … > Read more
  Nice to be included in The Rake Japan’s list of the 10 most Rakish men in the world, and alongside some lovely company. As ever, the Japan arm of the magazine is particularly geeky, and concentrated on accessories, collections and cloths … > Read more
Next week in Stockholm, Plaza Uomo magazine is holding an event to launch my book ‘The Finest Menswear in the World‘. There will be an interview on stage, book signings afterwards, and some coverage to feed back to readers elsewhere. If you … > Read more
  If there is one question men ask more than any other, it is how to wear a jacket with jeans.Behind this usually lies a desire to dress up an outfit without appearing too up-tight.Friends in the creative or digital industries … > Read more
  It was lovely to see so many people on Wednesday night at our launch party for The Finest Menswear in the World. Nearly everyone made it, despite the torrential rain, the taxi strikes and the underground closures. Cleverley and Anderson & Sheppard did a … > Read more
 A few Instagram shots from our party at Globe-Trotter last week, where we presented our Permanent Style 2015 book to readers and many of the brands included. The party was held on the lovely first floor of the Globe-Trotter shop, which … > Read more
    We are holding a launch party for our Permanent Style 2015 book in London – and it would be great to have as many of you there as possible.The event will take place on Thursday June 25 on … > Read more
 A nice little video here from our launch event in Milan for the Permanent Style 2015 book. Not much substance I’m afraid – more a promotional sting than anything else – but there are some nice shots of Simone, Fabio et al.My … > Read more
                      One of the lovely things about our Permanent Style 2015 book has been the notes of appreciation from readers around the world – in Korea, Japan and Australia as well as New York, Dallas and Rio de Janeiro.Some of those … > Read more
 What a lovely evening. Food, laughter, and some damned serious discussions about cufflink manufacturing and soft-shouldered tailoring. I love serious discussions at dinner.The film of our Gathering dinner last month, in collaboration with Essence Lifestyle, is now available to see … > Read more
 In the past week I have been in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai – the images here are from the Beijing launch of our Permanent Style 2015 book at the menswear store Brio.George at Brio put on a nice display … > Read more
 Here is a teaser of the upcoming video we made at the Gathering dinner a couple of weeks ago, with Essence Lifestyle. I hope it gives a nice sense of the atmosphere, and whets the appetite for the full version, … > Read more
  We received the first few copies of Permanent Style 2015 yesterday, and they look fantastic! They’re thick, they’re substantial, and the production is beautiful.Relief, pleasure, excitement: all bundled into one. The official launch of the book will be next Wednesday, the 29th, … > Read more
 These are the first pictures from our first Permanent Style dinner, which was co-hosted with Essence Lifestyle on Monday at Club Cafe Royal – part of a series we are creating called The Gathering.It was a really lovely event, bringing together some … > Read more
 Next Monday I will be hosting the first in a series of dinners bringing together some of my favourite people across the industry. The event will be held at Club Cafe Royal, on Regent Street, and is co-hosted by Essence Lifestyle. Essence … > Read more
 I’m delighted to say that our first hard copy of Permanent Style – containing the best of the site from the previous year – will be out at the end of next month. The magazine-sized publication has been designed by London … > Read more
 About 50% of Permanent Style collaborations never come to fruition. The quality’s not right, or the cut, or some other aspect just can’t be perfected. Often the lead time proves to be too long. It makes you realise how difficult … > Read more
 Following a request on last week’s Finagon post – the cardigan we created with John Smedley – here are some details on the rest of the outfit, above.One reader drew attention to the shirt collar, a button-down made by Satriano … > Read more
THE FINAGON CARDIGAN WAS PUT INTO SMEDLEY’S PERMANENT COLLECTION FOLLOWING THIS COLLABORATION. YOU CAN BUY IT ON THE SMEDLEY SITE. –Following Monday’s post on the cardigan we have developed with John Smedley – the Finagon – here is an update and answers … > Read more
THE FINAGON CARDIGAN WAS PUT INTO SMEDLEY’S PERMANENT COLLECTION FOLLOWING THIS COLLABORATION. YOU CAN BUY IT ON THE SMEDLEY SITE. – Last year I began working with John Smedley on our next project – the perfect cardigan. The requirements were:It had to be … > Read more
 I’m frequently asked why and how Permanent Style started. So often, in fact, that it occurred to me it’s because I’ve never written it down. So here it is. Seven years ago, I got a bonus from work and bought … > Read more
– NOW SOLD OUT –  As flagged up last week, we are now offering a new edition of the Dartmoor sweater – the long-sleeved polo shirt I designed with John Smedley. You voted for our second edition to be in … > Read more
– VOTING CLOSED! (Wednesday, 5pm) After a last-minute rush, grey (silver) is the winner. Thank you to everyone that voted. Orders for our exciting new grey Dartmoor – the perfect polo – will start on Monday. I will post details … > Read more
  – NOW SOLD OUT –    There are only around 15 of the Permanent Style club tiesleft, in case anyone missed last week’s post and wants to snap one up now. They are still available at Drake’s, online and … > Read more
  – NOW SOLD OUT –    The Permanent Style club tie is now available to buy on the Drake’s website. The ties are strictly limited to 100 numbered editions and the first 10 will be on sale tonight at … > Read more
The something special is our next collaboration: the Permanent Style club tie. Made by Drake’s at their new facilities on Haberdasher Street (I know, right?), the tie is a navy twill with the Permanent Style paisley woven into the front blade. … > Read more
I have just been told that we have a handful of the popular Dartmoor sweaters left at the John Smedley factory – due to exchanges, production overrun and so on. The sizes available are:Small, seven pieces SOLD OUTMedium, seven pieces … > Read more
Someone pointed out recently that some Permanent Style collaborations – with La Portegna, for example, or Passaggio Cravatte – have ended without any news as to how they went or the product was received.   Both of those sold out, … > Read more
– NOW SOLD OUT – For anyone who likes bespoke or made-to-measure clothing, knitwear can be frustrating – particularly for wearing with that bespoke clothing, where you want the fit and finish to be as precise as the pieces it is … > Read more
An eagle-eyed reader sent me this newspaper clipping yesterday. It appears that versions of the profile that How To Spend It in Spain did on me in January are being carried by other Spanish-language newspapers, in this case Gestion in Peru.If … > Read more
This is the 1000th post on Permanent Style. In the past five-and-a-half years I have written about having things made at 20 different bespoke tailors, 6 bespoke shirtmakers and 2 bespoke shoemakers. But looking back over the most popular posts, it … > Read more
Regular readers will be familiar with my Cufflink Project, which I launched last year with bespoke jeweller Diana Maynard. I was frustrated at the lack of good cufflinks on the market – those with the same decoration on both sides, … > Read more
Thanks everyone, all 50 pairs of slippers have now gone. Sorry to those who missed out.
As I suspected, the travel slippers went very quickly yesterday and we now have only two pairs left out of the 50 available. First to email me gets them!
I’ve always loved really soft leathers and suedes – particularly in jackets, but also in slippers and slip-ons. For most men (and I pass no judgment on the rest) slippers are the only leather item they will ever wear against … > Read more
This column in Japanese magazine Free & Easy is the result of the photo shoot I posted about before Christmas. I have no idea what the Japanese text says, but hopefully it faithfully reports my opinions on shoes and shoe … > Read more
In January, for the first time in our history, there were over 300,000 visits to the Permanent Style site, doubtless helped by Pitti, The Times and Fuera de Serie.Thank you so much to everyone that visits, reads and contributes to … > Read more
For the first time last month, the numbers of visits to Permanent Style topped 250,000. (That’s visits, not visitors – which is less – or impressions – which is more.)In the past six months our traffic has grown by almost … > Read more
I’ve seen quite a few Permanent Style Tweed pieces going through Graham Browne in recent weeks. As my Caliendo jacket gets ready for completion, this is a call out to readers to send in pictures of their tweed made up. … > Read more
After months of indecision, I finally decided to have my length of Permanent Style tweed made up by Elia Caliendo in Naples. Every time I have been to Graham Browne recently, I see another length being made up for a … > Read more
  Me and Theo, in Cifonelli jacket and Paul Stuart shirtThanks to everyone who came along to drinks a couple of weeks ago at The Armoury trunk show. It was to meet everyone and it looked like the prosecco went down … > Read more
Just a nudge to remind readers that the collaboration between Permanent Style and tiemaker Passaggio Cravatte is still running, with some limited edition Italian regimental silks available to make into just one or two ties each. The two swatches below … > Read more
Following our recent project with Italian tiemaker Passaggio Cravatte, I’m pleased to offer the second iteration of this collaboration, focusing on regimental ties. (You can see the samples at the bottom of the post.)For anyone who missed the first project, … > Read more
PS2PSC2PSC4PSC5Of the potentially 20 ties in our offer of exclusive Passaggio Cravatte silks on Permanent Style, only six remain.These are one tie in PS2 silk, one in PSC2 and two in both PSC4 and PSC5 (all pictured above). I’m not surprised that … > Read more
Thank you to all those who ordered with the first run of Permanent Style Tweed. Here are some pictures of your cloth being woven, up at Breanish in Port Ness, Lewis.There will be a second run, with a deadline to … > Read more
Hi all – I’m told that our tweed will start to be woven next week and be completed soon after. That means that there is actually an opening for any last minute orders, to be in by Wednesday morning next … > Read more
I finally got round to looking at the analytics last week, and it appears that the traffic on Permanent Style has grown from 140,000 visitors a month to an average of 190,000 without me noticing.The peak in September and increase … > Read more
Thanks to everyone who ordered by January 10 – the response was lovely. Those that ordered by now will receive their cloth next month: it is being woven now.As promised, there will be a second chance to order, with a … > Read more
We’ve had so many requests for the Permanent Style Tweed that it has become economic to weave a sample length.You can see the cloth here – it has turned out as I expected, which is a relief, with variation both … > Read more
While up on the isle of Lewis two weeks ago, I designed a herringbone tweed with Iain McLeod at Breanish Tweed. This will be available to all readers from now until the end of the year. In January the orders … > Read more