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Brand: Richard James

Henry Poole cutter Craig Featherstone marks out my Prince-of-Wales suitLast week a reader asked me who the various people were in a bespoke tailoring house, and it occurred to me that this is one area I have never offered a … > Read more
I know the Boris Bike stations around Old Street pretty well now, such is the number of times I have hopped on a bike near my office and ridden up to the Drake’s factory on Garrett Street. It’s only a … > Read more
The way Keith tells it, in the late eighties the Royal Household had a decision to make. The livery of the Household and Royal Mews was in pretty poor shape. It had largely been made in 1902 (for the coronation … > Read more
At the press launch of Sharp Suits by Eric Musgrave a few week ago (pictures and report here) there was quite a variety of menswear on display. Eric himself was wearing a splendid windowpane-check grey suit and gold tie; host … > Read more
Last night saw the launch of Sharp Suits by Eric Musgrave, at the Richard James store on Savile Row (as well as a parallel event at Norton & Sons across the road exhibiting the new E Tautz line for family … > Read more
I’ve been learning about the Teddy Boys. Most interestingly, about how they were the first working-class movement to alter the course of men’s style. And gave formal tailoring a much-needed kick up the arse. After the second-world war a generation … > Read more