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Brand: Robert Simpson

 Readers will be familiar with the points about Cleverley and Russian reindeer in the above, but there is some nice footage of the closing on Cleverleys, and the technique of making a wood-framed box. The Robert Simpson factory is one of only a … > Read more
While on the subject of bespoke luggage, Cleverley recently started doing its own pieces with two old guys situated down in its Cornwall workshop. Leather bags were previously made by the Robert Simpson factory that also makes for Tanner Krolle … > Read more
Of course, this isn’t exactly Tanner Krolle‘s factory. The original TK operation was on Mildmay Avenue in Islington, but was sold to Dunhill in the nineties and then knocked down. Dunhill moved its operations to Walthamstow (see previous Permanent Style … > Read more