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Brand: WW Chan

  Dear Simon,My name is Lukas. I’ve been an avid permanent style reader for several years and absolutely love your articles. For about four years, I have been altering RTW blazers, trousers and suits. On two occasions i’ve also had MTM … > Read more
Just a quick note to readers that WW Chan is in town later this week, from the 25th to the 27th, as part of another Armoury trunk show at The Rook & Raven gallery, 8 Rathbone Place.Although Chan has been … > Read more
Trousers are easier to tailor than a jacket. They’re not straightforward, as everyone’s waist to seat ratio varies, but the problems are at least largely in two dimensions. Because trousers are simpler, you can spend less money on them. You … > Read more
WW Chan jacket, courtesy of The ArmouryHi Simon,As an expat Brit living in Hong Kong, I like to think have a keen eye for style and fashion but surprisingly had never thought about going bespoke until I got married last … > Read more
There was a generation of tailors in Shanghai known as the ‘red gang’ early in the twentieth century that fused techniques learnt from Russian, British, Japanese and Chinese tailors. They formed their own approach and their own training system, putting … > Read more
This month’s GQ features an unfortunate example of how not to have a suit made in Hong Kong. The column in the Talk section features a description of a flying visit to the (in)famous Sam’s Tailor. Sam is famous for … > Read more