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Brand: Alfred Sargent

  If there is one question men ask more than any other, it is how to wear a jacket with jeans.Behind this usually lies a desire to dress up an outfit without appearing too up-tight.Friends in the creative or digital industries … > Read more
The best of both worlds? An Alfred Sargent ArmfieldDear Simon,I have a quick question regarding black shoes that I thought you might be able to help with. I’m thinking of investing in a good pair of versatile black shoes that … > Read more
I was recently contacted by photographer Steve Lancefield, who is in the process of visiting various British factories and took these of the Alfred Sargent factory in Rushden, Northampton. I’ve visited many in Northampton myself, but never Sargents. And while … > Read more
It’s time for US tours again. Doesn’t time fly?The full dates for two makers – Cleverley and Alfred Sargent Handgrade – can be seen on their sites at those links. And pictured we have some new styles from Sargents, awaiting … > Read more
The time is coming around again to book slots for US fall trips. And the tour by Hemingway Tailors and Harvie & Hudson has dates as follows. Separately, Alfred Sargent is also touring in September, dates below. The Fairmont Hotel, … > Read more
There was quite a lot of interest among Permanent Style readers last time Toby Luper was touring North America, so here are his dates for the next trip. Toby will be with shirtmakers Harvie & Hudson and shoemakers Alfred Sargent … > Read more
Following a conversation earlier in the year with Chay Cooper, I commissioned the Alfred Sargent Handgrade shoes above. One of the reasons Handgrade has developed such a word-of-mouth following is the personalisation it offers, both as regards the design of … > Read more
Zenith: I need to expand my wardrobe for a new job in London. I own a light charcoal, faintly blue-pinstriped French Connection suit, and a solid beige Ted Baker suit, but need:A traditional navy-blue single-breasted suitA trusted location to take … > Read more