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Brand: Arnys

A reader asked what I was wearing at the dinner of Parisian Gentlemen last week. Fortunately, a profile photo was taken that day at the intellectual property conference I was speaking at – the reason I was in Paris in … > Read more
There haven’t been many people into the Arnys workshop since it was reopened under Berluti’s ownership. Indeed, there is still a ban on photography in the workshop itself, which seems a little odd given it is simply eight people sitting … > Read more
Next Wednesday, June 26th, we will be launching a collaboration with John Smedley: a unique design that I believe is the perfect sartorial sweater.One or two people commented to me that the last collaboration with La Portegna, which sold out … > Read more
In June this year, the LVMH group announced that it would be buying the Arnys menswear store on Rue de Sevres in Paris, and converting it into a branch of Berluti, which it has recently expanded into a full menswear … > Read more
In Paris this week visiting all the big tailors, interviewing Jean Grimbert of Arnys and looking at slightly odd watch straps. Look out for posts over the next few weeks.Below, my Wilfrids from Pierre Corthay (slightly dusty from the Tuileries … > Read more
As the days begin to grow colder, one of the most tactile pleasures is wearing a short scarf at the neck. I’ve never taken to wearing an ascot in an open shirt collar, much as I agree with the rationale … > Read more