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Brand: Barbour

  My third book this year, published by Prestel and in bookstores worldwide, is now available. It is called Best of British: The Stories Behind Britain’s Iconic Brands. The book covers 14 British manufacturers that are over 100 years’ old. From … > Read more
 Gary Janes, the head of design and development at Barbour, talks us through two of the earliest pieces in the Barbour archive – from the beginning of the twentieth century.The design has stayed remarkably consistent, blending very practical workwear with … > Read more
 For those that follow my column for How to Spend It magazine (part of the Financial Times), there have been two articles in the past month – on Barbour and on Begg. We’ve stuck with this format for almost 18 months … > Read more
 Although my opinion of Barbour was much raised by seeing the repairs department last month, the highlight of that trip was the archive. The oldest piece (below) is from 1910 – a simple, knee-length double-breasted coat in yellowy waxed cotton. Pieces … > Read more
 Barbour is not quite the level of craft or quality that we normally feature on Permanent Style. However, rather like US brand Filson that we covered recently, they deserve mention for the beautiful way they age and their commitment to … > Read more
 Last week three of us visited the Barbour factory in South Shields, in the name of a new book on British heritage brands. Given we were researching the stories behind the companies, it was natural to stay next to the lighthouse that was the … > Read more
  During my recent series of posts on Levi’s bespoke jeans, a reader commented that he didn’t like denim because it didn’t drape like wool, linen or other materials commonly used for suiting. He’s not wrong, but denim and other cotton … > Read more
I love this video made in the Barbour factory and the homes of some of its long-term customers. Barbours are great for patination – a fancy word for ‘dirt’ in this case – and I didn’t realise how much work they … > Read more