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Brand: Barker

Good English shoes are pretty much always worth the money you pay for them. Three things reminded me of this in recent weeks. One was a friend’s wedding. After years of buying in the low end of the market, he … > Read more
The tips on looking good in a pair of shoes are simpler, in a way, than those for suits. They come down to two things: spend as much money as you can afford, because you are buying value and longevity; … > Read more
At a party last week a nice young man asked me what my top five tips would be for wearing suits. It sounded like a nice practical question, so here we go:1. Have a ready-to-wear suit alteredMost men that buy … > Read more
A friend of mine started investing in good shoes around six months ago. I find it reassuring that I get such vicarious pleasure out of it: perhaps I’m not as self-centred as all that. His first pair was a lovely … > Read more
The second part of an interview with Olly Watkins, adventurer on the choppy seas of style. (First part here.) What’s your favourite accessory right now?It’s a toss up between the shoes I am wearing, a new pair of brown Derbys … > Read more
Zenith: I need to expand my wardrobe for a new job in London. I own a light charcoal, faintly blue-pinstriped French Connection suit, and a solid beige Ted Baker suit, but need:A traditional navy-blue single-breasted suitA trusted location to take … > Read more