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Brand: Breanish Tweed

As I mentioned in my previous post on Yorkshire mills and merchants, Pennine is one of the best independent mills left in the area. It is also the largest worsted weaver in the UK, with 32 Dornier looms, and weaves … > Read more
Sophie Coryndon’s toolbox for her decorative lacquer piecesThese are good times for craft. Hermès is bringing its festival of artisans to London next month; Vacheron Constantin is touring Europe with a series of craft days; and this week saw the … > Read more
I’ve seen quite a few Permanent Style Tweed pieces going through Graham Browne in recent weeks. As my Caliendo jacket gets ready for completion, this is a call out to readers to send in pictures of their tweed made up. … > Read more
After months of indecision, I finally decided to have my length of Permanent Style tweed made up by Elia Caliendo in Naples. Every time I have been to Graham Browne recently, I see another length being made up for a … > Read more
Thank you to all those who ordered with the first run of Permanent Style Tweed. Here are some pictures of your cloth being woven, up at Breanish in Port Ness, Lewis.There will be a second run, with a deadline to … > Read more
Hi all – I’m told that our tweed will start to be woven next week and be completed soon after. That means that there is actually an opening for any last minute orders, to be in by Wednesday morning next … > Read more
Thanks to everyone who ordered by January 10 – the response was lovely. Those that ordered by now will receive their cloth next month: it is being woven now.As promised, there will be a second chance to order, with a … > Read more
We’ve had so many requests for the Permanent Style Tweed that it has become economic to weave a sample length.You can see the cloth here – it has turned out as I expected, which is a relief, with variation both … > Read more
While up on the isle of Lewis two weeks ago, I designed a herringbone tweed with Iain McLeod at Breanish Tweed. This will be available to all readers from now until the end of the year. In January the orders … > Read more
Breanish Tweed has all the hallmarks of a Harris tweed weaver: old single-width looms stored in draughty sheds; decades of experience in hand weaving; a stunning but hostile location that constantly reminds one of tweed’s insulating properties. But Breanish is … > Read more
Up in Harris, or rather Lewis, this week at Breanish Tweed. More next week.Photo: Andy Barnham