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Brand: Brent Black

 Finally, wonderfully, the book on luxury craft I began writing three years ago is coming out: The Finest Menswear in the World.It will be published by Thames & Hudson on September 14th. A hardcover, coffee-table book of some 200-odd pages, … > Read more
I’ve been on holiday the past two weeks in the south of France; apologies for the tardiness confirming some comments. For those interested in more casual dress, here is something from last week, with my youngest hiding her face wisely … > Read more
The remarkable heat in London over the past two weeks has led to a few questions from readers as to the best way to stay cool in tailoring. Here are my top five tips.1 Wear linenLinen is a wonderful cloth: … > Read more
  A well-made Panama hat is an exquisite creation. Crafted from fine, closely woven straw, it is soft, cool and breathable, yet structured enough to hold an elegant shape. It is simple and supple – the result of one of the … > Read more
The latest edition of OB Approved (from Orlebar Brown) includes some personal recommendations from journalists such as myself and Mr Tom Stubbs – both seen in the extract above.Click to enlarge.
This is the Brent Black hat I had made last year and that a reader reminded me I had yet to report back on. I apologise, and can only plead a queue of other projects. Back in August I wrote … > Read more
Following on from my post last week on having a hat made by Brent Black, here is a little background on the craft involved in making them. Next week we’ll move on to the fitting process.The making of a hat … > Read more
I completely understand that the amount of money spent on handmade accessories can seem extravagant. Several people made comments along those lines regarding my Alfred Dunhill glasses case a few months ago. But if you have pursued a policy of … > Read more