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Brand: Brent Black

I’ve been on holiday the past two weeks in the south of France; apologies for the tardiness confirming some comments. For those interested in more casual dress, here is something from last week, with my youngest hiding her face wisely … > Read more
The remarkable heat in London over the past two weeks has led to a few questions from readers as to the best way to stay cool in tailoring. Here are my top five tips.1 Wear linenLinen is a wonderful cloth: … > Read more
My latest column on How to Spend It is live: how to buy a panama hat.Read it here. 
The latest edition of OB Approved (from Orlebar Brown) includes some personal recommendations from journalists such as myself and Mr Tom Stubbs – both seen in the extract above.Click to enlarge.
This is the Brent Black hat I had made last year and that a reader reminded me I had yet to report back on. I apologise, and can only plead a queue of other projects. Back in August I wrote … > Read more
Following on from my post last week on having a hat made by Brent Black, here is a little background on the craft involved in making them. Next week we’ll move on to the fitting process.The making of a hat … > Read more
I completely understand that the amount of money spent on handmade accessories can seem extravagant. Several people made comments along those lines regarding my Alfred Dunhill glasses case a few months ago. But if you have pursued a policy of … > Read more