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Brand: Bresciani

  For the past month I have been testing Viccel socks, a Turkish manufacturer that pretty much only sells through its own website. If they tested well, I hoped Viccel would be a good value alternative for over-the-calf hosiery.There are several … > Read more
 Finally, wonderfully, the book on luxury craft I began writing three years ago is coming out: The Finest Menswear in the World.It will be published by Thames & Hudson on September 14th. A hardcover, coffee-table book of some 200-odd pages, … > Read more
In my report on Pitti Uomo for Essence magazine I examine the manufacturers – such as Begg, Merola and Bresciani – that are becoming brands in their own right. Read it here. Pictured: Pino Luciano of Neapolitan tailors Orazio Luciano. … > Read more
Rather like Maglia, which we discussed earlier in the week, Merola is among the very best makers in its field – in this case, gloves. Both are also based in Rome and have a similarly stellar roster of private-label clients. … > Read more
  This is the first in a series of posts about producers I met in Pitti and Florence more generally.   Maffeis is part of a family of companies around Bergamo, in northern Italy. Another is Bresciani socks, which of … > Read more
This is a shot from a feature coming up in The Rake next year – on the VIP painting service at Louis Vuitton.I love my Alzer case. Hard-sided cases are one of the few things made by hand by Vuitton, … > Read more
Most of the factories I visit present few surprises in the manufacturing process. I’ve seen a lot of looms, from Hattersleys made in 1910 to the latest air-pressure machines that make up most of the production at Loro Piana, Zegna … > Read more
At Bresciani today, in Spirano just outside Bergamo. Lovely socks, and some nice sheep too.They’ll be the socks chapter of my upcoming book.More photos on
I wrote almost a year ago how impressed I was with Will at A Suitable Wardrobe setting up a store, to sell his taste and knowledge of European manufacturers to the blog’s readership. Since then the store has grown and … > Read more
 [Note: The Dandy Store has been bought by Mes Chaussettes Rouges, who can be found here]Apparently, men in France wear appalling socks. I thought the standard in the UK was low, and the US probably worse, but according to Michel … > Read more