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Brand: Caraceni

  Milan is the centre of the men’s fashion industry, yet as far as style is concerned, there are surprisingly few shops worth visiting.Via Montenapoleone, Via Della Spiga and the roads that run between them are all pleasant places to stroll. But … > Read more
  My final jacket from Ferdinando Caraceni in Milan is superb in many ways, including fit, make and finish. The style, however, is interesting and not necessarily what I expected.I started this project last year with Nicoletta Caraceni, the daughter of … > Read more
  Last week’s explanation of how I put an outfit together seemed to be popular, so let’s try that again.This outfit is simpler than last week’s. There are fewer colours, there’s no tie to worry about, the handkerchief is plain. But … > Read more
 At the Milan event last month I had my final fitting on the cashmere herringbone jacket being made by Ferdinando Caraceni.The more I get to know Nicoletta – Ferdinando’s daughter, although not a cutter unlike her father – the more … > Read more
  Last week was the official launch of the Permanent Style book, with an event in Milan hosted by Vitale Barberis Canonico and A Caraceni.I was interviewed by the fashion editor of La Repubblica, Simone Marchetti, about my history and views … > Read more
  When I was in Milan two weeks ago I had a first and second fitting with Ferdinando Caraceni in a day. This isn’t something that all tailors are happy doing, but for some such as Caraceni – which has … > Read more
 Although I decided to have my first Milanese suit made at Ferdinando Caraceni (see previous post), I’ve visited and got to know Carlo and Massimiliano Andreacchio at A Caraceni as well. Between them, they are the highest form of central-Italian … > Read more
 Summer outfits often involve white somewhere, as it’s nice to reflect the brightness of the weather – particularly if you’re in Italy and the sun is that much more consistent than it is in the UK.Combining more than one white … > Read more
 Back in February I began working on a jacket project with Nicoletta Caraceni, of Ferdinando Caraceni in Milan.There are, as you know, several tailors with the name Caraceni in Italy. They all stem from Domenico Caraceni, the founding father, and his … > Read more
There are a few provincial bespoke tailors in the UK, but not many. Italy has more, though again far fewer than there used to be. The advantage of a provincial tailor is normally a quiet preservation of tradition; and price.While … > Read more