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Brand: Carreducker

I love my brown Cleverleys – the first bespoke shoes I owned – but I’ve never been that happy with the colour. Cleverley are good at many things, but patination is not one of them. George Jr has looked at … > Read more
Sophie Coryndon’s toolbox for her decorative lacquer piecesThese are good times for craft. Hermès is bringing its festival of artisans to London next month; Vacheron Constantin is touring Europe with a series of craft days; and this week saw the … > Read more
Davide Taub left Maurice Sedwell a few weeks ago to become senior cutter at Gieves & Hawkes. He replaces Kathryn Sargent, who left at the beginning of the year to set up on her own with a board over at … > Read more
As requested, some shots of Deborah Carre making shoes in the window of Gieves & Hawkes last week, to celebrate St Crispin’s Day. Brave gal, putting herself on display like that!
You knew it was St Crispin’s Day right? Patron saint of shoemakers? Well, the English equivalent is St Hugh, but it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.The day is being celebrated by Carreducker, or more specifically Deborah Carre, … > Read more
Yesterday was the grand opening of the new Gieves & Hawkes, after an extensive refurbishment and the inclusion of several friends of Permanent Style. Tim Bent has his dedicated room at the front of the store, as well as some … > Read more
Justin Fitzpatrick does a mean shoe shine. The aspiring shoe maker and great blogger (The Shoe Snob) was set up by Gieves & Hawkes recently to do shoe shines for customers as part of its general re-fit (which also includes … > Read more
It’s easy to think that people have always appreciated vintage items like leather luggage, bags and accessories. But back in the early eighties, that wasn’t the case. It was only in the middle of that decade that taste in the … > Read more
A quick note to readers in New York that Leffot will be holding a trunk show for Carréducker on Saturday, May 9. Carréducker makes fine shoes in the UK and, most interestingly, runs courses for those interested in learning how … > Read more