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Brand: Charvet

  Although Paris has never been a centre of menswear – unlike London or Milan – there is a surprisingly broad range of small companies and artisans worth visiting. More, arguably, than anywhere in Italy outside Naples. The products are often … > Read more
  Jean-Claude Colban, of Charvet shirts in Paris, is one of my favourite people in the world.Both eloquent and erudite, he is a softly spoken oracle. And he has the most amazing eyebrows.   Photo by Jamie Ferguson 
 I am in Paris tomorrow, and one of the highlights will be catching up with Jean-Claude Colban of shirtmakers Charvet. A scholar and a gentleman, Jean-Claude is both one of the most knowledgeable people you will ever meet in the industry, … > Read more
Read my one-day guide to bespoke operators in Paris in the latest article for Essence Lifestyle. Pictured, Pierre Corthay in typically playful mood.
The cost of variety is rarely appreciated by consumers. Among all the things that make up the price of a piece of clothing – materials, labour, rent, tax, marketing, R&D – the waste implicit in a broad range is hardly … > Read more
Salvatore Piccolo is best known as a Neapolitan shirt brand – his shirts and accessories are stocked in a few leading stores, including Trunk in London and United Arrows in Tokyo. But he started as a bespoke shirtmaker, learning from … > Read more
On Monday my latest column for How to Spend It was published, in which I talked to Jean-Claude Colban (above) of Charvet in Paris about the state of the cotton and silk industries – and his project to create the … > Read more
This past weekend I had two articles published that readers might appreciate. In How to Spend It, the latest installment of my ‘Inside Track’ column looked at the cloth development process at Charvet, with an interview with the lovely Jean-Claude … > Read more
I am asked fairly regularly to review ties, often produced by new, small companies. Ties are, I suppose, quite easy to sell online and the lower costs of doing so makes them an obvious product to start with. But it … > Read more
A dressing gown is not the most obvious thing to have made. There are some perfectly lovely ready-to-wear gowns from people like Turnbull & Asser (ask about specials there), Drake’s and Charvet. And fit is hardly the biggest concern – … > Read more
The most relied upon measures of luxury today are the materials used in a garment and how much manpower went into it. The second of those measurements might not be as straightforward as you think. True bespoke is done by … > Read more