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Brand: Dashing Tweeds

Beginning in April, the Museum of the Rhode Island School of Design in the US will be holding an exhibition of  clothing drawn from its archives and borrowed from sources around the world – including our own, inimitable Guy Hills and … > Read more
The recent Best of Britannia exhibition in London showcased small, craft-based British companies making everything from kitchen knives to bicycles. It included some Permanent Style favourites such as Hiut jeans, Dashing Tweeds and the various west-country makers grouped under the … > Read more
You must know Guy Hills. No one who has ever seen him in his full Dashing Tweeds cycling around London could ever forget him. In a recent photo feature in Esquire’s Big Black Book on personalities around Mayfair, there were … > Read more
Luxury is not defined by price, quality or comfort. Luxury is simply what you don’t have. Or, more precisely, what you aspire to. Generally, it is that which others have or you once had. So, obviously, what is considered luxurious … > Read more
My tailoring is taking a step up in the world. I’m having my first English bespoke suit made. The tailor is Graham Browne, whom I have written about on this blog previously. They are located on Well Court, just off … > Read more
Good tailors for adjustments to suits, trousers and shirts are not always easy to find. There is a raft of pretty poor establishments dotted around London, staffed by dressmakers or general tailors with no specific experience of men’s tailoring.For the … > Read more