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Brand: Diana Maynard

Someone pointed out recently that some Permanent Style collaborations – with La Portegna, for example, or Passaggio Cravatte – have ended without any news as to how they went or the product was received.   Both of those sold out, … > Read more
Regular readers will be familiar with my Cufflink Project, which I launched last year with bespoke jeweller Diana Maynard. I was frustrated at the lack of good cufflinks on the market – those with the same decoration on both sides, … > Read more
Thank you to everyone who has shown their interest in my cufflink project, asking questions about the geometry, stones and functionality, and to the 26 people that have been so enthusiastic as to buy a pair (or pairs) for themselves. … > Read more
About six months ago I started a project with bespoke jeweller Diana Maynard to design a suitable pair of cufflinks. There are startlingly few cufflinks on the market that are both attractive and functional. In my view, most fall down … > Read more