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Brand: Edward Sexton

  This is the finished charcoal overcoat from Edward Sexton, and it’s hard to over-estimate how much pleasure it gives me. It’s a very different feeling from my navy Cifonelli coat. That is practical, every day, an anonymous touch of luxury. It … > Read more
  Last summer, Edward Sexton and I were sitting in the gardens of the Four Seasons hotel, Florence. It was a beautiful evening. Warm, with a light breeze, scattered groups sitting at the tables and wandering across the lawn. The conversation … > Read more
 Ahead of our next Symposium in Florence next week – focusing on accessories – here’s a reminder of the tailoring edition I organised last summer. The Rake organised this video of our discussion beforehand, at the Four Seasons hotel.It was a privilege … > Read more
  Apparently people are becoming more casual. There are now such things as luxury jogging bottoms.But I’ll put my money on the fact that – even as the fashion wheel turns – the suit will remain the formal attire of choice. … > Read more
  Before the public part of Tailoring Symposium in June, we all gathered next to the pool at the Four Seasons to have a chat about tailoring and its future, with The Rake busily making a video of the event in … > Read more
 *   Update: Going by the ‘likes’ on Instagram, the outfits currently rank as:Anderson & Sheppard Cifonelli Liverano Edward Sexton Panico Richard Anderson            (Do you agree? Join in!)  *   These are the six pieces that our six greats of bespoke tailoring … > Read more
   “Edward, Edward,” said Antonio Panico, in a conspiratorial whisper. “What was it like to fit Mick Jagger?”Just like the Shoemakers Symposium we ran in January, the biggest pleasure of our Tailors Symposium at Pitti this week was bringing together wonderful, … > Read more
 At our Tailoring Symposium next week in Florence, we have six of the greatest tailors in the world presenting their styles to the audience of press and buyers: Panico, Cifonelli, Edward Sexton, Richard Anderson, Liverano & Liverano, and Anderson & Sheppard.The six … > Read more
 My apologies to readers that have been waiting for these shots of the Edward Sexton suit. Books, corrupted photos and other things seemed to consistently get in the way. I’ve always wanted a double-breasted mid-grey flannel. I had one made years ago … > Read more
 Jonathan is perhaps my perfect interviewee. He knows his craft, he knows bespoke, and given his job, he’s very interested in the crossover between tailoring and more casual clothing. –PS: Can you run through your background quickly for us?JC: Sure. I … > Read more
 At this time of year I normally do a list of Christmas gift suggestions. Apparently last year a reader took the initiative and left a print-out of the list sitting on a coffee table at home. It did the trick – a couple … > Read more