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Brand: Kent Haste and Lachter

  Last week was the official launch of the Permanent Style book, with an event in Milan hosted by Vitale Barberis Canonico and A Caraceni.I was interviewed by the fashion editor of La Repubblica, Simone Marchetti, about my history and views … > Read more
 The simplicity of classic wedding attire – in colour, in pattern, in tone – is a reflection of respect  for the importance of the event. Business attire, once-upon-a-time, was similarly restrained; but while I can see the argument for relaxing … > Read more
Dear Simon, In a couple of months time I will be 21. This is clearly an important time in one’s life, in my case particularly as I will also be undertaking the purchase of my first bespoke suit. As a … > Read more
The remarkable heat in London over the past two weeks has led to a few questions from readers as to the best way to stay cool in tailoring. Here are my top five tips.1 Wear linenLinen is a wonderful cloth: … > Read more
This past weekend saw the Coronation Festival in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, at which holders of royal warrants exhibited. The royal warrant is not exactly the mark of quality that some might assume, given that it includes Austin Reed and … > Read more
Friday was the Bespoke Tailors’ Benevolent Association (BTBA, new version of MTBA) summer ball. As per usual there was an eclectic range of outfits, from sober business dress to top hats, cream linen to sequins.  Three Anderson & Sheppard employees … > Read more
The Spanish version of How to Spend It, Fueria de Serie, interviewed me and did a photo shoot when I visited Jose Maria’s Club Aristocrata last year. The piece came out today.Unless your Spanish is a lot better than mine, … > Read more
  Following a recent request from a reader, here is a breakdown of all the English tailors I have tried. I include a description of the style and then one of my experiences. All the links are to pictures or more … > Read more
Trying to look natural while eating. Which is impossibleThe linen suit shown here is my most recent commission, from the sterling outfit that is now Kent Haste & Lachter. There is a blog; there is a group photo on the … > Read more
The paint isn’t dry and Stephen is apparently fishing for salmon in the basement, but Kent Haste & Lachter have finally moved to their new premises, at 7 Sackville Street.Next door to Meyer & Mortimer and where Fallan & Harvey … > Read more
The latest issue of The Rake includes a longer feature than Permanent Style readers will have seen on Kent, Haste & Lachter: The joker of the packLegendary cutter John Kent, now joined by Terry Haste and Stephen Lachter in a new … > Read more
So many stories. There’s the one about Bing Crosby, who signed every one of John Kent’s golf club covers (they were leather back then) with warm wishes that got shorter and shorter as he made his way through the set. … > Read more
The last post on this suit was back in March. With both of us being away at various points in the summer, and Toby’s schedule coming down to London from Leeds, we only managed the final fitting in August. As … > Read more