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Brand: Le Noued Papillon

 Dress way the hell up, as our American cousins might say. New Year’s Eve is a special event, and it deserves a special effort where our clothes are concerned.That doesn’t have to be black tie, as above, but wear a jacket … > Read more
One of the nice things about having nice advertisers is the range of Christmas shopping ideas they present. Here are my favourites. Among the best additions to the collection at Drake’s are the untipped cashmeres in various shades of grey. … > Read more
Despite years of buying bespoke clothing, and therefore steadily fewer if more expensive clothes, I have never lost a taste for the retail fix. There’s nothing like the thrill of making an ever-so-slightly irresponsible purchase, then walking out of the … > Read more
At the end of last year I completed a project with Sean O’Flynn to cut a traditional dress shirt, with voile back, Marcella front and detachable stiff collar. Some readers may remember they have already seen this shirt in black … > Read more
Hi Simon,I hope you don’t mind me seeking your counsel on the matter of bow ties. Previously, I have been somewhat dismissive of them and, indeed, those that wear them, perhaps. But for whatever reason, this is no longer the … > Read more
I love learning how things are made. That was what first got me into tailoring, and it has remained a passion over the years. I was grateful to Nicholas Atgemis of Le Noued Papillon, therefore, for sending me a PDF … > Read more