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Brand: Lotuff and Clegg

 One of the advantages of a long-running blog, perhaps, is the ability to look back and see how purchases have performed over time. It’s particularly useful when we emphasise – as we do, day after day – the value of investing in … > Read more
Dear Simon,I have been wearing a messenger bag for some time for commuting as it’s a very handy way of containing all the bulk and occasional papers that I have to cart around with me.However, I have worried for some … > Read more
Hi Simon,I’ve been following Permanent Style for a while now, as well as investing significantly more of my time trying to learn more about menswear.As my style has evolved and I find myself wearing a blazer or sportcoat more often, … > Read more
Hype iPad cover, £150 There is a surprising lack of good, mid-market leather products and bags out there. By mid-market I mean those stitched by machine rather than by hand (which adds considerably to the price) but otherwise using the … > Read more
I recently received the Lotuff & Clegg working tote bag, ordered a few weeks ago. It’s nice to be able to say that neither the online photography nor Joe’s rhetoric are misleading. It is a beautiful, classic piece of leatherwork.In … > Read more
About two years ago our desk lamp broke. The man who owned the electrical shop down the road from my mum was good at repairing these things, so we took it to him and had it repaired for £20. Last … > Read more