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Brand: Louis Vuitton

 One of the advantages of a long-running blog, perhaps, is the ability to look back and see how purchases have performed over time. It’s particularly useful when we emphasise – as we do, day after day – the value of investing in … > Read more
My latest article in the Financial Times, on luxury hiking boots, was published this weekend.  If you’re interested, the post can be found here.
  Leather bags are unique among men’s accessories. A good one will last a lifetime and, if treated well, look better at the end than the beginning of your life together. Only leather has this attribute, gaining an individual patina from … > Read more
The Spanish version of How to Spend It, Fueria de Serie, interviewed me and did a photo shoot when I visited Jose Maria’s Club Aristocrata last year. The piece came out today.Unless your Spanish is a lot better than mine, … > Read more
This is a shot from a feature coming up in The Rake next year – on the VIP painting service at Louis Vuitton.I love my Alzer case. Hard-sided cases are one of the few things made by hand by Vuitton, … > Read more
Hi Simon,First of all let me say I’m a massive fan of your blog. In fact I’ve even cancelled my GQ subscription because of your blog. Doesn’t mean you should start charging us though! I was wondering if you could … > Read more
The Louis Vuitton press day last week had much to recommend it. I find that fans of classic style often dismiss fashion designers a bit too readily: a handful of them including Marc Jacobs are often worth perusing for their … > Read more
The G20 has revealed a lot about bankers’ sartorial taste. It has shown uniformity and a complete lack of awareness of what ‘normal’ people wear. As protests were announced for the day before the G20 meeting in London, City workers … > Read more