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Brand: Orazio Luciano

 I know that one of the style areas people find most difficult is wearing sports jackets, or separate waistcoats, with everything else: shirt, tie, hank, trousers.I’ve always loved the way Alan at The Armoury wears these things together, so we … > Read more
  Orazio Luciano has an opportunity. It is expanding into the North American market at a time when Neapolitan tailoring is becoming increasingly popular, and other brands (most notably Kiton) are a fair bit more expensive.Orazio Luciano does classic Neapolitan … > Read more
 Dark green is a subtle and versatile tie colour. You’re not surprised I think that, right? After all I sing the praises of green at every opportunity. But broad truths bear repeating. With an outfit like the one above, navy … > Read more
In my report on Pitti Uomo for Essence magazine I examine the manufacturers – such as Begg, Merola and Bresciani – that are becoming brands in their own right. Read it here. Pictured: Pino Luciano of Neapolitan tailors Orazio Luciano. … > Read more
It was nice to meet Simone Righi in Florence. I’ve been into Frasi, and Tie Your Tie as it was before, but not when he has been in the shop. Simone rebranded his shop three years ago, leaving the Japanese … > Read more