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Brand: Orlebar Brown

I’ve been on holiday the past two weeks in the south of France; apologies for the tardiness confirming some comments. For those interested in more casual dress, here is something from last week, with my youngest hiding her face wisely … > Read more
This past weekend I wrote a piece for the FT on polo shirts, which you can see here. Mentioning John Smedley, Orlebar Brown, Lacoste and others, it is hopefully an interesting update for anyone interested in the menswear staple.
The latest edition of OB Approved (from Orlebar Brown) includes some personal recommendations from journalists such as myself and Mr Tom Stubbs – both seen in the extract above.Click to enlarge.
Readers will probably be sick by now of me talking about Orlebar Brown. I have said before, after all, how they make my perfect polo shirt and perfect swimming trunks. But I’m sorry, there’s no other sports brand on the … > Read more
When on holiday, a long-sleeved polo shirtor regular Oxford button-down is usually the most stylish accompaniment to shorts – see post here. However, there are times when a sportier, short-sleeved polo is more suitable. On the beach, for example, or … > Read more
If you’re anything like me, Christmas shopping begins in earnest this week. Just long enough ahead to get everything done, but little enough time to inject a little panic into the process. Here are a few suggestions from a few … > Read more
I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that with casual items like T-shirts, polo shirts and shorts I like simple designs, clean lines and plain colours. I first became interested in Orlebar Brown because I wanted swimming shorts that … > Read more