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Brand: Passaggio Cravatte

    I’ve had a frustrating relationship with Passaggio Cravatte. Gianni, who runs it, is a young guy, very keen, very inventive and with some good people making his ties in Naples. It is a sign of his ambition that … > Read more
Someone pointed out recently that some Permanent Style collaborations – with La Portegna, for example, or Passaggio Cravatte – have ended without any news as to how they went or the product was received.   Both of those sold out, … > Read more
Just a nudge to remind readers that the collaboration between Permanent Style and tiemaker Passaggio Cravatte is still running, with some limited edition Italian regimental silks available to make into just one or two ties each. The two swatches below … > Read more
Thanks everyone for your enthusiastic response to the tie offer, which went online yesterday. We have already sold a handful, with the vintage Italian silks It3 and It4 selling out.To try and placate those who couldn’t get their hands on … > Read more
Following our recent project with Italian tiemaker Passaggio Cravatte, I’m pleased to offer the second iteration of this collaboration, focusing on regimental ties. (You can see the samples at the bottom of the post.)For anyone who missed the first project, … > Read more
PS2PSC2PSC4PSC5Of the potentially 20 ties in our offer of exclusive Passaggio Cravatte silks on Permanent Style, only six remain.These are one tie in PS2 silk, one in PSC2 and two in both PSC4 and PSC5 (all pictured above). I’m not surprised that … > Read more
As promised in my previous post on superlative tie maker Passaggio Cravatte, we are offering a series of vintage silks to be made to order, exclusively for Permanent Style readers. The prices quoted below also reflect a small discount to … > Read more
There isn’t much to the making of a good tie – a slip stitch, good silk – but it’s surprising how few ties there are out there that I rate. Tiny things in cut, design and cloth make a big … > Read more