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Brand: Paul Smith

I recently had my first opportunity to chat to Michael Hill about his takeover last month, with Mark Cho, of the Rayner & Sturges shirt factory. Rayner & Sturges is the last independent factory in the UK making quality shirts. … > Read more
Following on from my note last week on the history of W Bill, here’s some information gleaned on the history of Smith Woollens. For many, including my tailor, Smith’s is a brand they swear by. Worsteds that are often a … > Read more
Good tailors for adjustments to suits, trousers and shirts are not always easy to find. There is a raft of pretty poor establishments dotted around London, staffed by dressmakers or general tailors with no specific experience of men’s tailoring.For the … > Read more
If you feel like adding a little strength to the stripe in your shirt this summer, the best option is a wider, butcher’s stripe. I can’t stand the multicoloured and multi-width stripes that were fashionable a few years ago – … > Read more