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Brand: Rapha

Cycling has to be the most stylish sport in the world. It has such an elegant, innate rhythm, plus a deep design heritage, a unique culture, and some of the most beautiful settings in the world. I sat down recently … > Read more
  Cycling clothing has come a long way in recent years. A market dominated by cheap, mass-manufactured jerseys has broadened into high-tech racing gear, east-London fashion and practical commuter clothes.Cycling gear used to be garish and cheap because that was what … > Read more
Not much of an excuse to post this, except to celebrate being on holiday.The nearest I can get is the Rapha gear, which is performing very well. There is some geeky satisfaction in demonstrating that wool (mix, jersey) and leather … > Read more
A few months ago I was asked by a reader what cycle bag I used. I apologise for not answering sooner. The reason was partly forgetfulness and partly the fact that I knew Rapha was coming out with its full … > Read more
I’m always interested in innovations in fabric, and one of the excuses for featuring my favourite cycling brand – Rapha – is that they are constantly pushing boundaries here, whether on wool, leather (both of which I’ve written about here … > Read more
Given my recent trip to Dent’s to see gloves being made there, it was interesting to learn about how the glove making process is adapted to sports gloves – like those made by Rapha for cycling. Unlike a dress glove, … > Read more
  My love of tailoring and benchmade shoes is in part a passion for their raw materials: wool, with its versatility and ‘intelligence’ in the way it reacts to temperature; and leather, which moulds and ages so beautifully. As with … > Read more
Timothy Everest is a beast of many parts. A tailor who began his career sketching designs for Tommy Nutter, lauded at one point as a saviour of Savile Row alongside Ozwald Boateng and Richard James, he now keeps a delightfully … > Read more