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Brand: Segun Adelaja

The third in this series on bespoke shirts, this post looks at the made-to-measure service offered by Segun Adelaja, who owns a boutique in the Prince’s Arcade.It is obviously not a direct comparison to either Burgos or Satriano Cinque, as … > Read more
  [NOTE: Luca Avitabile, the cutter for men’s shirts at Satriano Cinque that I use, has split from the company and set up on his own. I recommend contacting him for any inquiries, at] The second post in this series on bespoke … > Read more
This week is blue-shirt week. Over the next three days I will post about three blue shirts made for me in recent months, by three different makers. Hopefully running the three together will make for some interesting comparisons. They are … > Read more
Segun Adelaja knows the industry. The day we met we ended up talking for a long time about the expansion of small brands like Berluti, their raw materials and supply chains. About what happens when a small company is bought … > Read more