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Brand: Simonnot Godard

  You could never refer to yourself as a style icon. But if someone else gives you the title, it’s alright to pass it on, right? Seriously, I was highly flattered to be asked to appear in the latest issue … > Read more
I wrote almost a year ago how impressed I was with Will at A Suitable Wardrobe setting up a store, to sell his taste and knowledge of European manufacturers to the blog’s readership. Since then the store has grown and … > Read more
Readers have made the point that my bespoke commissions often seem to be rather outlandish pieces: the Huntsman shooting suit, for example, or the Timothy Everest velvet jacket. Why, at least one has asked, do you not have simple business … > Read more
I admire people that put their money where their mouth is. Becoming an entrepreneur, setting up on one’s own, trying to make money selling your taste to the world. It’s ballsy. Writing a blog doesn’t risk anything, other than exposing … > Read more