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Brand: Smalto

  Although Paris has never been a centre of menswear – unlike London or Milan – there is a surprisingly broad range of small companies and artisans worth visiting. More, arguably, than anywhere in Italy outside Naples. The products are often … > Read more
Following popular request – that is, one request – here are some more pics from Smalto, the Parisian bespoke tailor.See the full post on Smalto here.Marking the cloth – the second in Smalto’s three-step cutting processBasting the lapel togetherA four-button … > Read more
  French tailor Smalto is not talked about much by the bespoke enthusiasts of the world. Yet it is the second-biggest bespoke operation in France (after Cifonelli), has a great history – having been established by Francesco Smalto in 1962 … > Read more