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Brand: Stefano Bemer

  Florence is best known as a tourist destination in the summer – the Uffizi, the Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio – and a menswear hub in January and June, when it plays host to the men’s trade show Pitti Uomo. But it … > Read more
  A discussion in front of an audience cannot be long. Particularly when most of them are standing. An hour – max – minus 10 minutes or so for questions. So we had 50 minutes for the talk at our Accessories … > Read more
  The third in our Symposium series, looking at some of the finest makers of accessories in the world, was an absolute pleasure on Wednesday. I’ll write more next week about the discussion and the broader event, but it was lovely to … > Read more
  Before the public part of Tailoring Symposium in June, we all gathered next to the pool at the Four Seasons to have a chat about tailoring and its future, with The Rake busily making a video of the event in … > Read more
 At the BTBA party last month I wanted to try wearing my tobacco-linen jacket separately. It is part of a suit of course, but it was commissioned from Sastreria Langa in Madrid with a ‘shirt’ sleeve and patch pockets to … > Read more
  Last month we had a book launch at the Brio menswear store in Beijing. It’s worth running through a few more details of the shop – because the stock is interesting, and because it is part of a pleasing trend in more … > Read more
  Laces are to a shoe what buttons are to a jacket. Often ignored, but with a disproportionate important effect on the overall look. The most attractive buttons, for me, are always matte horn with a touch of contrast in their colouring. … > Read more
 Scuola del Cuoio, the Florentine leather manufacturer, has a great story. Most of the products may not be suited to Permanent Style, but the school is worth highlighting and the story worth telling. Scuola del Cuoio was founded in 1950 by the … > Read more
 Well, you asked for more pictures… First, the speakers.     
 A reader recently asked for my advice on bespoke shoemakers, making me realise I hadn’t done an equivalent to ‘The tailors I have known’ for shoes. This is the first part of the response to his question, summarising experiences so … > Read more
 Stefano Bemer is remembered for his generosity more than anything else.“He had the biggest heart,” one shoemaker told me in Florence, back in July. “He was very inventive and a great shoemaker. But he wasn’t necessarily the best in the … > Read more
 After two and a half years I finally received my first Stefano Bemer bespoke shoes last month. And what beauties they are. I was initially measured by Stefano, who also oversaw the creation of my last. But it wasn’t until earlier … > Read more
 Summer outfits often involve white somewhere, as it’s nice to reflect the brightness of the weather – particularly if you’re in Italy and the sun is that much more consistent than it is in the UK.Combining more than one white … > Read more
 This is our friend Tommaso Capozzoli. He is, among many other things, the sales manager for Stefano Bemer, and we usually stay with him when we’re in Florence. Tommaso has style. It is not loud, and it’s unlikely to stand out … > Read more
While at Stefano Bemer I had a fitting on what is easily my longest-running order for a pair of shoes. The process started back in January 2012. A combination of company upheaval and very infrequent travel to Florence has meant … > Read more
During our trip to Florence earlier in the month, it was lovely to see how far Stefano Bemer has come since its takeover last year by leather-makers Scuola del Cuoio. The bespoke and ready-made shops, together with workshops and offices, … > Read more
There are precious few clothing shops anywhere in the world that can still be called ‘destinations’: unique stores that aren’t in every country and every airport, where visiting them is a distinct pleasure of travelling to the city. I think … > Read more
Last night was the official launch of Stefano Bemer shoes at New & Lingwood. It was an important moment for both companies: the first time Bemer bespoke and RTW shoes have been available in the UK, and the first external … > Read more
As I mentioned earlier in the year, Stefano Bemer shoes has been relaunched following Stefano’s sad passing and the subsequent tribulations. This is great news for anyone that was a fan of the man, his company and his legacy.  As … > Read more
    Hidetaka Fukaya, also known by his nickname Il Micio, is as much artist as artisan. Shoemakers tend to divide into two groups: those that are primarily driven by the artistic side of their work and those that are motivated principally by … > Read more
  As many of you will know, master shoemaker Stefano Bemer sadly passed away last year. Since then his Florence workshop has been in something of a mess, with bureaucracy and financial problems holding back the reorganisation of the company. … > Read more
Stefano Bemer, a great man and shoemaker, died yesterday. I had the privilege of knowing and working with Stefano earlier this year. He was, as is probably obvious from the tributes that have followed his death, a wonderfully warm and … > Read more
A Stefano Bemer bespoke solePlease remember, loyal readers, that I am now writing every week – indeed, twice a week – for The Rake online, which is expanding into a great source for international artisanal articles.Recently we have had posts … > Read more
Pitti is a beautifully set-out trade fair full of brands I love, exhibiting on often lovely stands. But it is still a trade fair.This is a place for sales and negotiation. Friends such as Mats at Trunk Clothiers, Will at … > Read more