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Brand: The Armoury

  At our book launch in Stockholm last week, Konrad Olsson (above) – editor of Plaza Uomo magazine – asked some rather stimulating questions.Such as, what is quality? Well, for me quality (in clothing) is aspects of manufacture that lead to practical benefits … > Read more
  New York is a strange town for menswear. It’s a bit of a Wild West, without the same traditions of Europe and with bespoke largely undermined by visitors from Savile Row. If there is a tradition, it is for value: … > Read more
  OK, let’s break this down. There are four major choices of colour here:Trousers: greenJacket: tanTie: brownShirt: blueI put them deliberately in that order because that is the order in which they were chosen. Readers are familiar with my love of … > Read more
 I know that one of the style areas people find most difficult is wearing sports jackets, or separate waistcoats, with everything else: shirt, tie, hank, trousers.I’ve always loved the way Alan at The Armoury wears these things together, so we … > Read more
The best stores – certainly in the modern luxury industry – have a sense of community. Trunk has that in spades, thanks to Hugo, Daniel and now Tim. Anderson & Sheppard (haberdashery) too. And digitally, no more so than The … > Read more
Dear Simon,Ties and their lengths are causing me some problems.
I have bought several ties recently, all from Drake’s, but realise that they are slightly too long. Being 5’6’’ I know I am not the tallest of peopl but then, many … > Read more
I recently had my first opportunity to chat to Michael Hill about his takeover last month, with Mark Cho, of the Rayner & Sturges shirt factory. Rayner & Sturges is the last independent factory in the UK making quality shirts. … > Read more
Colours that go with tan Dear Simon, I’m getting stuck putting an outfit together, and what it comes down to is the socks.   I’m wearing a mid-grey worsted wool suit with a sky-blue shirt and regimental tie of burgundy … > Read more
There are many badly dressed people at Pitti. There are also people like Luca Rubinacci, Lino Ieluzzi, Ignatious Joseph and others – one-man brands – that benefitted hugely from being shot by Scott Schuman and need to be there to … > Read more
  Dear Mr. Crompton,   I am hoping to follow up quickly on a blog post of yours concerning pleats.   I’m having a bespoke suit made up from a Neapolitan tailor, and can’t decide on whether to go with … > Read more
Just a quick note to readers that WW Chan is in town later this week, from the 25th to the 27th, as part of another Armoury trunk show at The Rook & Raven gallery, 8 Rathbone Place.Although Chan has been … > Read more
  Me and Theo, in Cifonelli jacket and Paul Stuart shirtThanks to everyone who came along to drinks a couple of weeks ago at The Armoury trunk show. It was to meet everyone and it looked like the prosecco went down … > Read more
Dear Simon,In a recent post (The modern man needs a good blazer) you explained  how versatile a blazer or odd jacket can be, and how to wear one. The image, however, showed a jacket with a shirt and tie, and … > Read more
For many, this combination of colours and patterns will be too strong for any occasion, no matter how light hearted. But take out one or two elements – such as the tie, or the scarf and handkerchief, and there are … > Read more
At the end of next week The Armoury will he holding another trunk show in London, featuring Florentine tailor Liverano & Liverano, Spanish shoemaker Carmina and glasses maker Nackymade. It will be held at the Rook & Raven gallery, just … > Read more
WW Chan jacket, courtesy of The ArmouryHi Simon,As an expat Brit living in Hong Kong, I like to think have a keen eye for style and fashion but surprisingly had never thought about going bespoke until I got married last … > Read more
I was recently given a copy of the lovely documentary about Neapolitan tailoring, O Mast, an extract from which can be seen above. For the first time it is now available at the Drake’s store on Clifford Street in London, … > Read more
In my previous job I used to travel to Hong Kong twice a year. Great place to go out, but not great shopping: all overpriced luxury brands or, at the other end of the spectrum, hard-sell tailors that would offer … > Read more