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Brand: The Hanger Project

  Last year I did a Christmas list around this time, collecting together some of my favourite things offered by the advertisers on Permanent Style. We don’t do much to shout about these brands that fund everything on PS, so I … > Read more
 Dress way the hell up, as our American cousins might say. New Year’s Eve is a special event, and it deserves a special effort where our clothes are concerned.That doesn’t have to be black tie, as above, but wear a jacket … > Read more
 At this time of year I normally do a list of Christmas gift suggestions. Apparently last year a reader took the initiative and left a print-out of the list sitting on a coffee table at home. It did the trick – a couple … > Read more
One of the nice things about having nice advertisers is the range of Christmas shopping ideas they present. Here are my favourites. Among the best additions to the collection at Drake’s are the untipped cashmeres in various shades of grey. … > Read more
I’m not great at looking after anything apart from shoes. Suits I brush down occasionally, but certainly not after every use, and knitwear rarely gets much of a look-in. In an effort to change this I recently picked up a … > Read more
Someone pointed out recently that some Permanent Style collaborations – with La Portegna, for example, or Passaggio Cravatte – have ended without any news as to how they went or the product was received.   Both of those sold out, … > Read more
This industry and this blog would be far less enjoyable without the delightful people it seems to attract. One of the nice things about touring the US recently was meeting them – whether craftsmen, writers or the dozen or so people … > Read more
Regular readers will be familiar with my Cufflink Project, which I launched last year with bespoke jeweller Diana Maynard. I was frustrated at the lack of good cufflinks on the market – those with the same decoration on both sides, … > Read more
For the first time last month, the numbers of visits to Permanent Style topped 250,000. (That’s visits, not visitors – which is less – or impressions – which is more.)In the past six months our traffic has grown by almost … > Read more
I recently wrote about my favourite evening combination – blue shirt and grey/silver tie with a navy or charcoal suit. This is a rather more dressy combination for formal events and dinners, making use of a waistcoat more usually worn … > Read more
Cuff links are tricky things. Hard to get right, but the best form of jewellery when you do. My problems with most modern cufflinks led to me designing my own range with jeweller Diana Maynard last year. Those sold well … > Read more
Kirby Allison over at The Hanger Project in the US has been pioneering the development of the best hangers in the world over the past two years. But it was probably inevitable that someone like that, with the restless urge … > Read more
Hangers from The Hanger Project ( are nice. Very nice. They are works of art in design and craftsmanship in construction. If I could, all my clothes would hang on these hangers. But that doesn’t mean I’d spend any money … > Read more